The rough reality of the second serve. There are four main elements to a point in tennis. Serve Return Rally Approach When we direct our focus to serving, we naturally feel like we are looking at instant offense. Instant winning percentages all-round. It’s simply not so. The first serve is a weapon at every level
I wrote this analysis right before the 2011 US Open. It provides an insight into Kevin Anderson’s journey to the 2017 US Open Final. It is never an easy conversation to talk with a player after they lose a match. Emotions get involved, judgement is clouded and opinion seems to take on more importance than
Who Makes More Returns? G’day from New York! So what do you think… Who puts more returns in the court between the following two levels? A Top 10 player in the world. A 16-year-old junior (boy or girl) We all know how inconsistent junior tennis is. Balls spraying everywhere. Too many loose errors. The lack


  650,000+ Points / 20 Million Data Points The darkness of the Player Development pathway just got illuminated with… data GAMEPLAN is a game changer. The practice court is a place of mystery. Should you focus more on forehands and backhands? Is consistency the secret sauce to winning more matches? How much time should you spend working

2nd Serves: Asset Or Liability?

When Do 2nd Serves Become An Asset? The resurrection of Rafael Nadal (31yo) and Roger Federer (36yo) back to the pinnacle of our sport is a wonderful thing! Rafa is back to No.1 in the world, and Roger is not far behind at No. 3 – only trailing by 500 ranking points. There is only
Where do we draw the line with coming forward? Surely serve and volley has its limits, doesn’t it? Surely approach and volley doesn’t work everywhere. Maybe it’s a lot tougher on clay in Brazil, for example… I want to share another success story with you as a result of the 5-Part Roger Federer Serve &
Let data drive your practice court. In just under two weeks, GAMEPLAN will be released, providing big data for little players. Well, we are also looking at big players too! The focus is on the player development pathway, with the analysis including specific metrics for the the following 10 levels for men and women: U12 U14
The learning pathway just got repaved… You are a 12-year-old boy in Barcelona. You push the ball & you win matches. Will it last? You win today, but with that game, will you also win tomorrow? You are a 14-year-old girl in Buenos Aires. You are winning matches without ever coming to the net. Do you really
Can serve & volley possibly work for YOU? What would happen if you took your pre-conceived ideas about serving and volleying and just put them to the side for a little while? What would happen if you have never really served and volleyed, but actually gave it a fighting chance? Well, you would be Terry, from
Roger Federer walks the walk. We just saw the most serve & volley points won by a Wimbledon men’s champion in 13 years. And to put a cherry on top, Roger did it in six matches, as he benefited from a first round retirement against Alexandr Dolgopolov where he didn’t serve & volley once. Roger won 68 points
Time to pick your poison. Tennis looks random, kinda like pinball. Players typically hit cross court, but sometimes they also go down the line. Every now and then they also venture to the net. Nothing seems guaranteed. It all looks random, but it’s not. Tennis is actually a game of repeatable patterns. And those patterns
Part 1 HERE Part 2 HERE Serve & Volley. It has fallen off a cliff. Back in the day, serve and volley used to dominate our sport. In 1997, when serve and volley was first recorded at Wimbledon, it counted for greater than 50% of all first serves AND half of all second serves. Serve and volley
Part 1 Yesterday. Click HERE Serve & Volley. Dead & buried? Roger Federer point-blank called out fellow players at Wimbledon last Monday during an interview that was all about celebrating his record eighth singles title at SW19. The interview covered a lot of angles, but Roger also spoke pointedly about the strategy, or lack thereof, of
NOTE: Parts 2-5 will come out each day this week. What frightens Roger Federer? A week ago today, Roger Federer walked into an interview room at Wimbledon to talk about his historic eighth title. These Monday “day after” interviews are meant to be very fluffy, lots of fun, and mostly reflective on what it’s like
Qualifiers are the real deal. They win more than you think they do. G’day from Wimbledon! There are 16 qualifiers in the main draw of The Championships. They earned that right winning three rounds in the qualifying tournament at Roehampton this week. Do they really have a chance to win a round or two? Oh,
Breaking Down The Match-Ups. G’day from The Championships! I was just on Wimbledon’s FaceBook Live channel with Nick McCarvel and Courtney Nguyen discussing the overall men’s and women’s draws, including specific match-ups in the early rounds. Please click on the link below to see the it. DRAWS Men’s Draw Women’s Draw I look forward to
Pablo’s Pathway. Follow his footsteps to the promised land. 25-year-old Spaniard, Pablo Carreno Busta, is having the best season of his life. He currently has his career best ranking of No. 17 in the world. It’s an outstanding achievement to break into the coveted Top 20, and don’t be surprised to see him crack the
Winning a little helps you win a little more. All points in tennis are not created equal. Some actually mean very little to the final outcome. They are just building blocks. You need a minimum of 24 points to win a set, with some being a lot more influential to the final outcome than others.
Is 2017 Rafa’s year… already? The stats are overwhelmingly in his favor. Firstly, let’s understand the two separate rankings in men’s tennis. Singles Ranking (best 18 tournament results from past 52 weeks). Emirates ATP Race To London: year-end No. 1 (only 2017 results). What we are focused on here is the second one – the
Can Stan possibly defeat Rafa today? Stan beat Novak here in 2015. There’s your huckleberry… G’day from Roland Garros! In order to “flash forward” to figure out who is going to win today’s Roland Garros men’s final between Rafael Nadal and Stan Wawrinka, we need to “flash back” to remind ourselves what is possible for Stan