The ultimate first strike weapon

Our sport is infatuated with making first serves. We can't get enough of them. But can you actually make too many first serves? Why yes, for sure you can.

This is the only shot in our sport that the following two competing factors play out.

  1. It's a freebie. You are not penalized if you miss. So you may as well really go for it!
  2. But if you don't get enough of them in, this potent weapon is wasted.

That's the conversation that plays out in your head in a match. Hit your first serve hard, but get it in. Not easy to do. Getting the mix right is what it is all about. Is making six out of 10 first serves going to help you win more matches than making seven out of 10? It seems counterintuitive, but it turns out that it's totally correct.

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