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Num3ers is brand new tennis knowledge about rallying.

There is a lot you can’t see when you watch a tennis match.

Let’s take the most fundamental part of our sport – rallying – and understand it like never before.

Have you ever wondered if there is a hidden connection between rally length and winning matches?

Are certain rally lengths better than others? Is there a specific part of a rally that is far more dominant than the rest?

Well, until now, there was limited data available to uncover that, and no interpretation of that data to figure out exactly what it all means.

As the tournament analyst at the 2015 Australian Open, I studied detailed match data every day – to distill what really matters to winning tennis matches at all levels of the game.

Welcome to Num3ers

New rally knowledge that you have absolutely never seen before.

Num3ers focuses on rallying, and the data comes from the coal face of our sport – the 2015 Australian Open.

I have to admit something – it all started with just being curious about the game & wanting to learn. I felt there were hidden forces driving the win/loss column from the back of the court, but I could not exactly put my finger on why.

This is how Num3ers was born…

You stumble across some numbers buried in a bigger pile of numbers, and to be honest, you don’t quite know what to make of them. You look again, have some lunch, and think about it some more. Go to bed. Dream about it. Spend a few more hours the next day throwing ideas around in your head, watch a match or two, and try and make sense of it all.

You look, you think, you add some more data, you take some other stuff away, you sleep on it, and then you do it all over again. For weeks. More like months.

And then, it all makes perfect sense. It certainly didn’t at the beginning, but once you have given this kind of intense research the necessary attention it deserves, and sufficient time to ponder it all, clarity finally comes.

That’s Num3ers, and that’s my journey that started as the Australian Open analyst back in January. Rome was not built in a day, and figuring out the hidden secrets in baseline play definitely takes a little time as well.

This is what you are going to learn…

Rally length seems random. Not any more. 

  • 3 TYPES OF POINTS – rally length comes in 3 convenient sizes. 0-4 shots, 5-9 shots and 10+.
  • DIFFERENT ROLES – the very first thing you will learn is that these three rally lengths are not created equal. They all have different roles in the development of a point.
  • AVERAGE RALLY LENGTH – Stop guessing and start knowing with this critical statistic. One you learn it, for the men and the women, you will look at the game in a whole new way (after you pick yourself up off the floor).
  • BLUEPRINT – Combine rally length data with winner/error numbers, and learn the ideal combination to succeed.
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT – One of the three rally lengths is an absolute monster.
  • DATA SET = 46,427 points. That’s every point in the men’s draw (28,848) and every point in the women’s draw (17,579). No guessing here. You get the whole enchilada.
  • MOTHER LOAD – So many players, so many matches, so many results – for both men and women! Discover the tournament averages for all 3 rally lengths, and what that means for the sport in general, and you specifically.
  • BASELINE WIN % – The baseline is a tough place to make a living, with the winning percentage actually being a losing one.
  • WINNERS v LOSERS – Compare numbers from all players that won their matches, against all the players who lost. See exactly where the separation is occurring.
  • LONG RALLIES – We love them in practice, but exactly how many of them are there in competition – and how important are they in the bigger picture?
  • PRACTICE – I can almost guarantee that you are practicing the wrong way. If you play socially, that’s great – practice any way you want. But if winning matches matters, then things have to change immediately.
  • FUTURE – All the signs of where the sport is headed are right in front of us. Want to be ahead of the curve instead of playing catch-up? This is the best place to start.
  • 2% of 1% – There is something you spend a lot of time and energy developing – that actually almost never occurs in competition. Stop wasting your efforts. Practice smarter. Play smarter.
  • BEST MIX – You are going to play all three rally lengths in a match. Learn what mix will help you succeed the most.
  • ALL MATCHES – Enjoy looking through all the recorded matches from the 2015 Australian Open and see how the various playing style greatly effects the rally length.
  • WINNERS / ERRORS – Compare rally length with winners and errors. Know the numbers that rule your game.
  • FORCED ERRORS – You can hit a winner, make an unforced error, or force your opponent into an error (the most important). Forced errors are the only one of the three that has no official stat – so I figured it out for you.
  • OUTLIERS – Uncover the players that exist at the edge of the statistics, and learn how they maximize their potential.
  • COPY SUCCESS – Learn the numbers of the most successful players, and simply develop your game to copy their numbers. It makes so much sense – but unless you know their numbers, it’s impossible to do.
  • BEST PERFORMERS – See which players shine in each area, and understand how their game style produces those numbers.
  • 10 SHOTS – When you break rallies down to the first 10 shots, and then everything after, you will be shocked at the massive difference between the two.
  • MEN v WOMEN – There are plenty of stats where the men’s game and women’s game are so similar. And then there are other areas of separation, and most times, they are not what you would expect.


Welcome to a smarter way.

Australian coach, Craig O’Shannessy, has worked on tour for 20 years and developed into the world’s leading expert analyzing the strategy of the game. The bottom line is that Craig makes strategy easier to understand and coach, and his extensive knowledge is all passed along in these amazing new products.
  • Players  The best players in the world run the best patterns. Here they all are.
  • Coaches No more guessing. No more opinions. Learn the facts & immediately improve your coaching.
  • Fans You love tennis. Now know it inside out. You will never watch another match the same way again.