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Craig O’Shannessy, has worked on the pro tour for 20 years and developed into the world’s leading expert analyzing the strategy of tennis. The bottom line is that Craig makes doubles strategy easier to understand and coach. His extensive knowledge is all passed along in the 25 Golden Rules of Doubles Strategy & 7 other amazing tennis strategy courses.

Tennis doubles strategy expert - Craig O'Shannessy


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  • Fans – You love tennis. Now you can know it inside out. You will never watch another match the same way again


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The 25 Golden Rules of Doubles Strategy

In this course, you’ll learn the real strategies that professional doubles teams use to win doubles matches. You’ll have dozens of questions answered, and leave with a clear picture of what you need to practice, coach, and play like to develop an effective doubles strategy for your tennis matches.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

  • The one area of the court you must control to win at doubles.
  • Exactly where to stand on the doubles court for specific situations.
  • 3 common mistakes doubles players make that tennis coaches are still actively teaching.
  • The best places to serve in doubles.
  • Locations you should focus on hitting returns.
  • How to effectively lob.
  • Where you should be targeting your volleys.
  • Serve formations and how to effectively use them to make the returner’s life a nightmare.

Doubles Strategy Like You’ve Never Seen

Hundreds of tennis players and coaches have used the 25 Golden Rules of Doubles Strategy to improve their game. These proven strategies are so effective because they are backed by data. There is no guessing or made up theories in this course. Craig has looked at the numbers and found exactly what it takes to win doubles matches.

Whether you’re a coach or player, after this course, you’ll finally know with confidence, exactly what to do on the doubles court. Use these doubles strategies and start winning more tennis matches today!