Where Players Lose

We love to blame our strokes when we lose.

But is it really that simple?

There is a new room in the house to explain losing. It’s the room called The First 4 Shots.

Sitting down with a player after they lose to discuss the match is never easy.

In fact, it sucks.

The player is unhappy, they are emotional, quite often there are tears, and the excuses come thick and fast.

And you know what gets blamed first? – the strokes. “Coach, I could not hit my forehand at all today.”

I always make sure that I let the player speak first when we review a match (that was won or lost) so as not to taint their view of what happened. I want to know what they think first, without any direction or influence from me. Because nine times out of ten, what they say is off the mark – by a lot!

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