Webinar 15: Backhand Playbook

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  • Technique: Both one-handed and two-handed backhands will be analyzed.
  • Technique: Backhand topspin & slice will be covered.
  • Technique: Backswing. There are several pathways to prepare your racket back and coil the upper body against the lower body. Learn what works best.
  • Technique: Contact. Where should the ball be in relation to your body (front/side). Learn how to maximize energy into the ball and develop strong balance.
  • Technique: Follow Through. It's all about relaxing in the follow through and staying on the shot.
  • Baseline Positions A,B,C,D. Where are you standing when you hit the most backhand winners, and where is the primary backhand direction?
  • Backhand Errors: Where do you accumulate the most and why? (net/long/wide).
  • Backhand Defense: How to reduce your error count by playing to the correct targets when on defense.
  • Backhand Down The Line: Learn when you have the "green light" to pull the trigger down the line with your backhand.
  • Backhand Strategy: Use your backhand to build the point to help assist in finishing with the forehand.
  • Recovery: Where should you stand after hitting a cross court backhand to "visually" pressure your opponent for the next shot.
  • The Eight Ways To Force An Error: How to best use your backhand to force errors from your opponent.
  • Backhand Timing: How to relax your grip pressure.
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