Short Ball Hunter Tennis Course

Learn from the #1 tennis strategy analyst in the world

The next revolution is now, and its at….. the net!

If you love playing tennis for fun, spend as much time at the baseline as you like.

But if you compete – if the score matters – then you must turn your attention to the net to maximize your potential.

The “herd mentality” in tennis thinks it’s too tough to approach the net in today’s game.

The conversation starts with improved string technology, more powerful rackets, and finishes with stronger, faster athletes.

The herd think approaching is a relic of the past.

The herd is wrong. Dead wrong.

At the recently completed 2015 U.S. Open, the facts about finishing at the points were crystal clear – it’s immensely better than staying back at the baseline, grinding for a living.

Welcome to a better way.

Short Ball Hunter uses facts to dispel myths. We don’t need to listen to opinion anymore when we have clear, concise data to analyze.

The facts are indisputable. The net is a fantastic place to play at all levels of the game!

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