1st Serves

The ultimate weapon shines brightly.

It’s more important in doubles than singles.

I want you to picture this scenario.

A doubles point is about to begin. It could be at any stage of a match.

The server is at the baseline, and the server’s partner is standing right in the middle of the service box, ready to pounce on a floating return. But the server does something unusual. The server walks up to the server’s partner at the net, and flicks a big switch, that just happens to be in the middle of his partner’s back. It’s an on/off switch. Because the server is preparing to hit his or her first serve, the server flicks the switch to ON. The server goes back to the baseline, and the first serve is hit, but it’s a fault. The server then walks to the net again, and flicks the switch to OFF, then goes back to hit a second serve.

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