Webinar 43: Depth Before Direction

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  • What is more important at the start of a point? Depth or direction? Your answer to that question will go a long way to identifying how successful you are in competition.
  • There are eight ways to force an error. Depth and direction are included and rise and fall in importance as points get developed, and court position comes into play.
  • There is an easy-to-remember rule you will learn based on court position that will help you decide which one of these elements is more important than the other at any given moment in a point.
  • VIDEO: Analyze the best players in the world and clearly identify when depth is more important than direction in a point - and how you can copy this concept for your own game. 
  • VIDEO: Is direction a better asset when hitting away from an opponent or behind them?
  • Be able to predict Agassi's serve location and pattern of play before the point starts.
  • DRILLS: Learn how to best establish depth in a point so that you can attack with direction a little later on as the point matures.
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