Craig O'Shannessy writes a weekly Infosys strategy analysis story on the ATP World Tour website. This is where new tennis learning is unearthed and cutting-edge analytics come to life.

Featured Analysis: Tsitsipas Clay Court Success

Stefanos Tsitsipas hits it higher (not harder) than his opponents to succeed on clay.


Featured Analysis: The Forehand Double-Edged Sword

Which shot breaks down more in today's game? The forehand or the backhand?


Featured Analysis: Daniil Medvedev

1st serve strategy: Medvedev mixes it up 15-0 vs. 0-15.


Craig's Infosys ATP Analysis Stories 2016 - 2023


May 27: Tsitsipas Surprising Secret To Clay Court Success

Mar 08: Medvedev Mixes It Up. 1st Serve Strategy 15-0 vs. 0-15

Feb 28: World-Best Returner Djokovic Is Now Topping Serve Stats Too

Jan 16: Net Profit. Rafa's Winning Formula At Melbourne Park


Aug 28: Alcaraz Hard Court Hero In 2022

Jun 30: The Toughest Out In Tennis Is?

May 23: One For You, Two For Me. Inside Nadal's Roland Garros Dominance

Apr 18: Duel Threat. Why Carlos Alcaraz's Drop Shot Is So Devastating

Mar 17: When Behind On Serve, Few Escape From Alcaraz

Feb 17: You Think Rafa Likes Long Rallies? Think Again.

Jan 15: What Is The Most Abundant Rally Length In Tennis?


Dec 16: Berrettini Best Under Pressure On Serve

Nov 14: Keys To Winning In Turin

Oct 29: Move In Or Stay Back. It Depends Who You Ask.

Sep 16: Medvedev, Berrettini Test World's Best Returners

Aug 10: Deep Court Daniil: Inside Medvedev's Return

Jul 22: Ace Is The Place For Matteo Berrettini

Jun 28: Inside Djokovic's Class On Grass

May 30: Paris Power Play. Nadal's Halo Effect

Apr 12: Better, Faster, Stronger? Nadal's Forehand Stats In Monte Carlo May Surprise You

Mar 22: In Miami, Murray Returns With Interest

Jan 17: This Is When Novak Is Deadliest At The Australian Open


Dec 31: Hunting Wins? Find Your Forehand, Thiem Shows

Dec 28: How The Big 3 Have Set Themselves Apart For The Past 30 Years

Dec 26: How Sinner Is Soaring Behind His Returns

Dec 21: When Returns Are Back In Play, Rafa Reigns Supreme

Dec 18: Forehands Hunting Backhands Through A Federer Lens

Dec 17: A New Way To Evaluate First-Serve Performance

Nov 17: Are Aces Overvalued? What Federer, Sampras Can Teach Us

Sep 24: The Stat That Makes Rafa So Tough To Beat In Paris

Sep 19: Schwartzman Leads The Way On 2nd Serve Returns

Aug 29: New Look: Djokovic's Stunning 2nd Serve Success

Aug 14: Think You Can Beat Djokovic? Here's What It Will Take

Aug 10: Here's Where Thiem Tops Djokovic, Nadal & Federer

Aug 06: For Daniil, Depth Is A Diamond

Jul 24: Nadal v Federer: The Battle Within The Battle

Jul 13: Here's Why Slow Starts Against Djokovic Spell Quick Trouble

Jul 03: How Rafa Separates Himself From All Other Winners

Jul 02: Federer Is Tennis' Toughest Out.

Jun 23: Why Nadal Is The Game's Best Pressure Player

Jun 19: Why The Grass Is Always Greener For Roger Federer

Jun 13: Mr. Momentum. Why Kei Is King

Jun 7: Don't Count Out Djokovic, Federer If They Drop The First Set

Jun 4: It's One-Way Traffic on L'Avenue Rafael Nadal

May 22: Here's How Rafa Plays Tennis Like A Chess Grand Master

May 15: Against Monfils, Bring More Boomerangs Than Arrows

May 14: Why Federer, Nadal Don't Have A Need For Speed

May 07: Why Plotting A Game Plan Against Daniil Medvedev Is A Nightmare

May 04: Running With The Bull: Curious Nadal, Federer Patterns Revealed

Apr 12: Why Federer & Djokovic Are Different, But Still The Same In Rally Success

Apr 05: How Thiem, Djokovic & Co. Balance The Risk-Reward Of Return Placement

Apr 03: The Four Keys To Rios' Miami Masterpiece Against Agassi

Mar 23: Why Djokovic's Points Won Tally Is Superhuman

Mar 21: Serving To Nadal? Don't Drop The First Point

Mar 20: How's Zverev's First Serve Fixed His Second-Serve Woes

Feb 01: Djokovic A Master Manipulator When It Matters Most

Jan 23: Federer Holds All The Aces At 30-30

Jan 16: Milan Champ Sinner, Only 18, Already A Break Point Stand Out

Jan 02: To Deuce & Beyond: The Players Who Step Up In Return Games


Dec 30: Djokovic & Nadal: The Break-Back Kings

Dec 24: When These Players Lead 15/0, Turn Out The Lights

Dec 18: How Medvedev Kicked In The Door To The Top Five

Dec 04: Why Looking Left Is Right Play For Novak

Dec 03: Inside Rafael Nadal's Mind When He Is Serving

Nov 05: Why Roger Federer Is The Best All-Round Spot Server

Nov 03: Nadal The Best At Overcoming Daunting Odds, Breaking From 30-0

Oct 24: Federer, Nadal: The Masters Of Momentum

Oct 16: Rafael Nadal's Best Tennis Is Happening Right Now

Oct 02: Here's When To Pick Berrettini's 1st Serve Over Isner, Kyrgios & Federer

Sep 29: Djokovic Approaching Mount Everest As A Returner

Sep 16: Wawrinka Wards Off Double Fault Pain In Ranking Resurgence

Sep 12: The One Stat That Pushed Medvedev To Cincy Title, US Open Final

Sep 05: The Key Stat Fuelling Dimitrov's Resurgence

Aug 29: At 38, Roger Federer Is Still Fastest Out Of The Blocks

Aug 12: Here's Why Fritz Is Having The Best Season Of His Career

Aug 02: Nadal's 2018 Canada Title Run Show's Difference One Point Can Make

Jul 23: For Federer, 0-40 Is Often Just The Beginning

July 23: Nadal Does This Better Than Anyone, Including Djokovic, Federer

Jul 22: Where NOT To Serve To Djokovic, Nadal & Federer

Jul 17: The Stat Fueling Pella's Rise Up The ATP Rankings

Jul 28: Why Is Federer Missing From This Top 10 Wimbledon Serving List?

Jul 19: Berrettini's Serving Feat Second Only To Federer

Jun 12: Federer, Nadal, Djokovic: Unbreakable From 15-0 As They Are At 40-30

Jun 11: Nadal, Federer, Djokovic: The 2nd Serve Titans

June 04: The Surprising Stat About Nadal's Roland Garros Domination

May 21: Roger, Rafa Lead The Way In These Serve & Return Scenarios

May 08: Clutch Christian: The Numbers Behind Garin's Meteoric Rise

May 07: Five Stats That Explain Thiem's Win Over Nadal, Barcelona Title

Apr 25: Nadal, Djokovic, Federer Know The Fine Margins In Tennis Better Than Anyone

Apr 16: Clutch Kei Reigning Again In 2019

Apr 11: Think You Are Going To Break Rafa from 0-30? Read This First...

Apr 5: Rafael Nadal - Stand (Back) & Deliver

Apr 3: The Agassi & Edberg Stats That Have Stood The Test Of Time

Mar 28: The One Stat Federer Needs To Improve

Mar 12: Novak & Roger: Patterns & Strategies of Two 2018 Major Title Runs

Mar 5: Why Federer Changes His Strategy Against Nadal

Feb 27: Schwartzman, Fognini Thrive In Court Of Giants

Feb 21: Opelka Crushing Aces, Milestones To Start 2019.

Feb 15: John Isner Aces Break Points Like No One Else

Feb 7: At 0-30, Don't Worry Be Happy...If You Serve Like Isner Or Delpo

Feb 3: Why You Can't Let The Big 3 Put Their 1st Serve Returns In Play

Feb 1: Novak's Secret Sauce. Keep It Short & Sweet

Jan 23: Nadal Strikes First. Asks Questions Later

Jan 16: Djokovic, Federer Lead Group Of Australian Open Contenders

Jan 14: Five Keys To A Federer Three-Peat At The Australian Open

Jan 13: Zverev Won More Games Than Djokovic, Federer & Nadal In 2018


Dec 28: Nadal Leads Top 10 In Surprising Serving Statistic

Dec 24: Isner The King Of Serving In 2018

Dec 20: Clutch Kei: Nishikori Did This Better Than Federer, Djokovic, Nadal

Dec 17: Nadal, Federer Dominate The Break Points Better Than Anyone

Dec 14: Djokovic's Surprisingly Successful Second Serve Strategy

Dec 7: Better All The Time: Isner's Mind-Boggling Serve Stats

Dec 5: Against Nadal, Do Not Fall Behind On Serve

Nov 28: Nadal, Cilic Find Their Best Game Under Pressure

Nov 20: Nadal Paced The Tour In These Two Categories

Nov 14: Djokovic, Anderson Keep It Short & Sweet

Nov 7: Tsitsipas Leader Of The Next Gen Pack - By One Point

Nov 2: For Thiem & Federer, Variety Is The Spice Of Serving Success

Oct 17: Here's One Reason Why Rafa, Novak Find Separation From Their Peers

Oct 9: The 5 Keys To Daniil Medvedev's Tokyo Title

Oct 4: Coric, Chung Are Young & Leading The Way On Return

Oct 3: If Tennis Eliminated The Second Serve, Roger Federer Would Dominate Even More

Sep 28: Eyes Wide Open: How Surface Impacts Serving Patterns

Sep 26: When In London, Djokovic Raises His Game To Another Level

Sep 20: Nadal, Djokovic Would Be Hall Of Fame Baseball Players

Sep 12: Del Potro Shows He's Is the Ultimate Game Closer In Tennis

Sep 4: How Isner & Top 20 Stars Perform When Games Go To Deuce

Aug 22: How Quickly Federer, Top 10 Race Through Their Service Games

Aug 16: The Importance Of Striking An Ace

Aug 12: De Minaur's Rise Shows It's All About Winning The Right Points

Jul 26: The Best Players At Unlocking 40-0 Return Games

Jul 19: Nadal Leading ATP Race To London

Jul 11: Who Leads The Way On Return At Wimbledon?

Jun 22: The Surprise That Pays Dividends For The Top 10

Jun 14: Dominic Thiem 2018's Iron Man

Jun 6: How Cecchinato Can Stun Thiem, Reach Roland Garros Final

May 28: This #NextGenATP Star Is Poised For A Roland Garros Breakthrough

May 18: Little Things Adding Up For Shapovalov In 2018

May 10: How Thiem Changes Tactics When He Changes Surfaces

May 3: At 15-30, Courageous Kev Is A Bold Pattern Breaker

Apr 27: Rafa's New Golden Era Hits Top Gear

Apr 19: The Switch Goffin, Nadal Hit When Transitioning To Clay

Apr 11: Five Players With Surprising Stats In 2018

Apr 4: Nadal Does This One Thing So Much Better On Clay

Mar 22: Returning Serve - The Long & Short Of It

Mar 7: Delpo's Big Rise Built On Small Margins

Feb 28: As Delpo Knows, Leaving Your Return Short Is Bad Except...

Feb 26: The Best Returner Among The Big Four

Feb 21: Nadal Has Done This Better Than Everyone

Feb 7: The Sure Way Dimitrov Used To Climb The ATP Rankings

Feb 1: This Part Of Chung's Game Is Nearly Top 10 Already

Jan 24: What Edmund Improved To Make The Australian Open SF

Jan 19: This Is Where Nadal Places Most Of His Returns

Jan 12: Where Do Lefties Serve At Crunch Time?

Jan 8: Federer, Nadal, Dimitrov, Rublev: Who Will Impress The Most In 2018?


Dec 29: No One Tops Murray Returning First Serves

Dec 28: Think You Missed Federer At His Peak? Think Again

Dec 28: The Stat That Showed Why Dimitrov Had His Best Year Yet

Dec 24: The Most Telling Stats Of 2017 - Part 2

Dec 23: The Most Telling Stats Of 2017 - Part 1

Dec 14: Nadal Improves With Radical Serving Pattern Switch

Nov 29: Down The T Or Out Wide? Depends What You Want

Nov 17: A Powerful First Serve Is Nice, But Variety Gets You To London

Nov 6: #NextGenATP Serving Under Pressure

Oct 27: No Player Does This Better Than Damir Dzumhur

Oct 18: Rafa Is The Only Top 100 Player Who Does This

Oct 13: Federer Leads The Way Serving Under Pressure

Oct 3: Nadal's Surprising Stat That Pushed Him To No. 1

Sep 27: On Serve, Federer Slams The Door Better Than Anyone

Sep 19: Rublev's Meteoric Rise: What Made The Difference?

Sep 14: Top 10 Wins Don't Come Easy

Sep 8: All Or Nothing On Break Points - Who Holds Their Nerve?

Sep 1: How Querrey Does The Damage On Serve

Aug 22: #NextGenATP Donaldson Breaks The Trend

Aug 18: How Schwartzman Became The Return Giant In 2017

Aug 7: With The Match On Their Racket, The Top 10 Stay Clutch

Aug 4: When Zverev Gets Ahead, He Steps On It

Jul 28: The Numbers Behind The Big Four's Dominance

Jul 18: What Everyone Overlooks About Federer & Nadal's Game

Jul 14: Sampras Serves Up Wimbledon Success

Jul 5: Nadal Takes The Unconventional Road To Improvement

Jun 21: Rafa, Novak & The Snowball Effect

Jun 13: Calm & Steady Wins The Race

Jun 5: This Top 10 Duo Makes Return Numbers Add Up

Jun 1: Kontinen/Peers Serve Up Success

May 29: How Wawrinka/Djokovic Raise Their Games In Paris

May 24: Zverev's Fast Starts Spark Easy Holds

May 17: How Djokovic, Federer, Sampras All Became N0. 1

May 3: In Record Year, Nadal Bucks Top 10 Trend

Apr 25: For Some Players There Is A Difference Between 30-30 & Deuce

Apr 18: Four Keys To Nadal Winning His 10th Monte Carlo Crown

Apr 13: Want To Be Like Djokovic? Master Your 2nd Serve

Apr 5: Dimitrov, Kyrgios Leading The Way This Season

May 29: Kyrgios Keeps Them Guessing

Mar 22: Roger's 10,000 Break Point Chances

Mar 15: How Rafael Nadal Became The King Of Returns

Mar 8: Thanks To Mischa, Serve & Volley Is Back

Feb 28: Isner, Monfils Serve Their Way Out Of Trouble

Feb 22: How Good Is Your Serve?

Feb 14: The Secret Of Dimitrov's Success Revealed.

Feb 7: Stefan Edberg, The King Of Returns

Feb 1: Evans Returns His Way To Career High Ranking

Jan 24: Down On Serve, Stan Shows The Way Out

Jan 17: The Hidden Danger Of 15 All

Jan 10: How Murray's Time On Court Compares To The Top 10

Jan 5: Is The Return Of Serve Tennis' New Superpower?

Jan 2: Cilic's Simple Path To Success


Dec 30: Nishikori Steps Into 2nd Serve Success

Dec 27: Dimitrov Wins More With Less

Dec 22: Facing Break Point, Nadal Outperforms His Peers

Dec 16: Kyrgios' Stellar Serving Sparks Best Year On Tour

Dec 9: The Biggest Reason Monfils Had His Best Year On Tour

Dec 7: Taylor Fritz's Path To Another Banner Season In 2017

Dec 5: Opportunity Breeds Success For Zverev

Dec 3: Raonic Reaps Reward On Return

Nov 28: Del Potro Finds Success Behind 2nd Serves

Nov 9: The Key To London Success: Saving Break Points

Nov 8: Serving For The Match? No Problem For The Top 10

Nov 4: Karlovic, Raonic Among Tour's Most Efficient Servers

Oct 26: How Hewitt Raised His Level Against The Top Players

Oct 18: Returning To Win

Oct 13: The Formula To Becoming No. 1

Oct 7: Djokovic, Top 10 Know Not All Points Are Created Equal

Sep 29: 2004: Roger Federer's Best Season Ever?

Sep 20: Why Federer 7 Co. Love Serving At 15-All

Sep 8: Top 10 Ways Murray Has Improved In 2016

Aug 30: Nick Kyrgios Among 2nd Serve Standouts

Aug 28: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: First Points Matter

Aug 16: The Best Hardcourt Returner Of All Time Is...

Aug 9: Rafael Nadal - The Underrated Server

Aug 4: Dominic Thiem - 1% Makes A Huge Difference

Jul 28: A Bright Spot For Returners

Jul 13: The Percentages That Separate Djokovic & The Top 10

Jul 6: Who's The Most Clutch Server In Tennis? 

Jun 21: Letting The Scoreboard Dictate Strategy

Jun 14: Risk & Reward Of High Power Serving

Jun 7: Too Good At Making First Serves?

May 31: Serving Under Pressure? No Problem For Federer

May 25: Novak Uses Third Serve To Full Advantage

May 17: How Murray Has Become Top Clay Court Player

May 11: Holding & Breaking From 0/30

Apr 29: How Nadal And The World's Best Win At 15/30

Apr 26: Remembering & Explaining Roger Federer's Early Climb

Apr 14: First Serves Key To Goffin's Ascent

Apr 5: Djokovic On A Roll

Mar 28: Djokovic Breaks The Mold

Mar 24: Improved Return Game Fueling Thiem's Top-10 Quest

Mar 20: Risk & Reward: High Stakes At 30/30

Feb 29: When Breaking Back Can Be A Back Breaker

Feb 28: Federer's Focus: Time Is Of The Essence

Feb 17: Steve Johnson: Slow But Steady Wins The Race

Feb 9: Novak Djokovic: The Power Of One

Feb 2: On Break Points First Serves Count!

Jan 27: Milos Raonic In Focus

Jan 20: David Ferrer In Focus

Jan 13: Aussies Look For Home Success

Jan 5: Holding Serve For The Elite Eight