Craig O'Shannessy writes a weekly Infosys strategy analysis story on the ATP World Tour website. This is where new tennis learning is unearthed and cutting-edge analytics come to life.

Featured Analysis: Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz's Winning Baseline Formula In Madrid.


Featured Analysis: Jannik Sinner

The holy grail of tennis is not consistency. It's "first strike." Click HERE to read.


Featured Analysis: Rafal Nadal's Career

Rafael Nadal exploded onto the global tennis scene in 2005, winning 11 ATP Tour tournaments, including five ATP Masters 1000 events and his maiden Roland Garros title. He started the year ranked No. 51 in the Pepperstone ATP Rankings and finished No. 2.

A star was born.


Featured Analysis: The Forehand Double-Edged Sword

Which shot breaks down more in today's game? The forehand or the backhand?


Craig's Infosys ATP Analysis Stories 2016 - 2023


Apr 26: Carlos Alcaraz Rise Up

Mar 22: Medvedev Ripping Returns

Mar 04: Sinner's First Strike Strategy

Jan 10: Djokovic's Break Point Serving Strategy


Oct 31: Novak's Surprise Serve Placement Yields Big Results

Aug 24: Rafael Nadal. The Numbers Behind His Dominance

Aug 16: Daniil Medvedev's Deep Return Position Analyzed

Aug 08: Many Happy Returns. Carlis Alcaraz's Historic Statistic Against Serve

Jul 03: Why Carlos Alcaraz's First-Strike Tennis Is Key On Grass

May 27: Tsitsipas Surprising Secret To Clay Court Success

Mar 08: Medvedev Mixes It Up. 1st Serve Strategy 15-0 vs. 0-15

Feb 28: World-Best Returner Djokovic Is Now Topping Serve Stats Too

Jan 16: Net Profit. Rafa's Winning Formula At Melbourne Park


Aug 28: Alcaraz Hard Court Hero In 2022

Jun 30: The Toughest Out In Tennis Is?

May 23: One For You, Two For Me. Inside Nadal's Roland Garros Dominance

Apr 18: Duel Threat. Why Carlos Alcaraz's Drop Shot Is So Devastating

Mar 17: When Behind On Serve, Few Escape From Alcaraz

Feb 17: You Think Rafa Likes Long Rallies? Think Again.

Jan 15: What Is The Most Abundant Rally Length In Tennis?


Dec 16: Berrettini Best Under Pressure On Serve

Nov 14: Keys To Winning In Turin

Oct 29: Move In Or Stay Back. It Depends Who You Ask.

Sep 16: Medvedev, Berrettini Test World's Best Returners

Aug 10: Deep Court Daniil: Inside Medvedev's Return

Jul 22: Ace Is The Place For Matteo Berrettini

Jun 28: Inside Djokovic's Class On Grass

May 30: Paris Power Play. Nadal's Halo Effect

Apr 12: Better, Faster, Stronger? Nadal's Forehand Stats In Monte Carlo May Surprise You

Mar 22: In Miami, Murray Returns With Interest

Jan 17: This Is When Novak Is Deadliest At The Australian Open


Dec 31: Hunting Wins? Find Your Forehand, Thiem Shows

Dec 28: How The Big 3 Have Set Themselves Apart For The Past 30 Years

Dec 26: How Sinner Is Soaring Behind His Returns

Dec 21: When Returns Are Back In Play, Rafa Reigns Supreme

Dec 18: Forehands Hunting Backhands Through A Federer Lens

Dec 17: A New Way To Evaluate First-Serve Performance

Nov 17: Are Aces Overvalued? What Federer, Sampras Can Teach Us

Sep 24: The Stat That Makes Rafa So Tough To Beat In Paris

Sep 19: Schwartzman Leads The Way On 2nd Serve Returns

Aug 29: New Look: Djokovic's Stunning 2nd Serve Success

Aug 14: Think You Can Beat Djokovic? Here's What It Will Take

Aug 10: Here's Where Thiem Tops Djokovic, Nadal & Federer

Aug 06: For Daniil, Depth Is A Diamond

Jul 24: Nadal v Federer: The Battle Within The Battle

Jul 13: Here's Why Slow Starts Against Djokovic Spell Quick Trouble

Jul 03: How Rafa Separates Himself From All Other Winners

Jul 02: Federer Is Tennis' Toughest Out.

Jun 23: Why Nadal Is The Game's Best Pressure Player

Jun 19: Why The Grass Is Always Greener For Roger Federer

Jun 13: Mr. Momentum. Why Kei Is King

Jun 7: Don't Count Out Djokovic, Federer If They Drop The First Set

Jun 4: It's One-Way Traffic on L'Avenue Rafael Nadal

May 22: Here's How Rafa Plays Tennis Like A Chess Grand Master

May 15: Against Monfils, Bring More Boomerangs Than Arrows

May 14: Why Federer, Nadal Don't Have A Need For Speed

May 07: Why Plotting A Game Plan Against Daniil Medvedev Is A Nightmare

May 04: Running With The Bull: Curious Nadal, Federer Patterns Revealed

Apr 12: Why Federer & Djokovic Are Different, But Still The Same In Rally Success

Apr 05: How Thiem, Djokovic & Co. Balance The Risk-Reward Of Return Placement

Apr 03: The Four Keys To Rios' Miami Masterpiece Against Agassi

Mar 23: Why Djokovic's Points Won Tally Is Superhuman

Mar 21: Serving To Nadal? Don't Drop The First Point

Mar 20: How's Zverev's First Serve Fixed His Second-Serve Woes

Feb 01: Djokovic A Master Manipulator When It Matters Most

Jan 23: Federer Holds All The Aces At 30-30

Jan 16: Milan Champ Sinner, Only 18, Already A Break Point Stand Out

Jan 02: To Deuce & Beyond: The Players Who Step Up In Return Games


Dec 30: Djokovic & Nadal: The Break-Back Kings

Dec 24: When These Players Lead 15/0, Turn Out The Lights

Dec 18: How Medvedev Kicked In The Door To The Top Five

Dec 04: Why Looking Left Is Right Play For Novak

Dec 03: Inside Rafael Nadal's Mind When He Is Serving

Nov 05: Why Roger Federer Is The Best All-Round Spot Server

Nov 03: Nadal The Best At Overcoming Daunting Odds, Breaking From 30-0

Oct 24: Federer, Nadal: The Masters Of Momentum

Oct 16: Rafael Nadal's Best Tennis Is Happening Right Now

Oct 02: Here's When To Pick Berrettini's 1st Serve Over Isner, Kyrgios & Federer

Sep 29: Djokovic Approaching Mount Everest As A Returner

Sep 16: Wawrinka Wards Off Double Fault Pain In Ranking Resurgence

Sep 12: The One Stat That Pushed Medvedev To Cincy Title, US Open Final

Sep 05: The Key Stat Fuelling Dimitrov's Resurgence

Aug 29: At 38, Roger Federer Is Still Fastest Out Of The Blocks

Aug 12: Here's Why Fritz Is Having The Best Season Of His Career

Aug 02: Nadal's 2018 Canada Title Run Show's Difference One Point Can Make

Jul 23: For Federer, 0-40 Is Often Just The Beginning

July 23: Nadal Does This Better Than Anyone, Including Djokovic, Federer

Jul 22: Where NOT To Serve To Djokovic, Nadal & Federer

Jul 17: The Stat Fueling Pella's Rise Up The ATP Rankings

Jul 28: Why Is Federer Missing From This Top 10 Wimbledon Serving List?

Jul 19: Berrettini's Serving Feat Second Only To Federer

Jun 12: Federer, Nadal, Djokovic: Unbreakable From 15-0 As They Are At 40-30

Jun 11: Nadal, Federer, Djokovic: The 2nd Serve Titans

June 04: The Surprising Stat About Nadal's Roland Garros Domination

May 21: Roger, Rafa Lead The Way In These Serve & Return Scenarios

May 08: Clutch Christian: The Numbers Behind Garin's Meteoric Rise

May 07: Five Stats That Explain Thiem's Win Over Nadal, Barcelona Title

Apr 25: Nadal, Djokovic, Federer Know The Fine Margins In Tennis Better Than Anyone

Apr 16: Clutch Kei Reigning Again In 2019

Apr 11: Think You Are Going To Break Rafa from 0-30? Read This First...

Apr 5: Rafael Nadal - Stand (Back) & Deliver

Apr 3: The Agassi & Edberg Stats That Have Stood The Test Of Time

Mar 28: The One Stat Federer Needs To Improve

Mar 12: Novak & Roger: Patterns & Strategies of Two 2018 Major Title Runs

Mar 5: Why Federer Changes His Strategy Against Nadal

Feb 27: Schwartzman, Fognini Thrive In Court Of Giants

Feb 21: Opelka Crushing Aces, Milestones To Start 2019.

Feb 15: John Isner Aces Break Points Like No One Else

Feb 7: At 0-30, Don't Worry Be Happy...If You Serve Like Isner Or Delpo

Feb 3: Why You Can't Let The Big 3 Put Their 1st Serve Returns In Play

Feb 1: Novak's Secret Sauce. Keep It Short & Sweet

Jan 23: Nadal Strikes First. Asks Questions Later

Jan 16: Djokovic, Federer Lead Group Of Australian Open Contenders

Jan 14: Five Keys To A Federer Three-Peat At The Australian Open

Jan 13: Zverev Won More Games Than Djokovic, Federer & Nadal In 2018


Dec 28: Nadal Leads Top 10 In Surprising Serving Statistic

Dec 24: Isner The King Of Serving In 2018

Dec 20: Clutch Kei: Nishikori Did This Better Than Federer, Djokovic, Nadal

Dec 17: Nadal, Federer Dominate The Break Points Better Than Anyone

Dec 14: Djokovic's Surprisingly Successful Second Serve Strategy

Dec 7: Better All The Time: Isner's Mind-Boggling Serve Stats

Dec 5: Against Nadal, Do Not Fall Behind On Serve

Nov 28: Nadal, Cilic Find Their Best Game Under Pressure

Nov 20: Nadal Paced The Tour In These Two Categories

Nov 14: Djokovic, Anderson Keep It Short & Sweet

Nov 7: Tsitsipas Leader Of The Next Gen Pack - By One Point

Nov 2: For Thiem & Federer, Variety Is The Spice Of Serving Success

Oct 17: Here's One Reason Why Rafa, Novak Find Separation From Their Peers

Oct 9: The 5 Keys To Daniil Medvedev's Tokyo Title

Oct 4: Coric, Chung Are Young & Leading The Way On Return

Oct 3: If Tennis Eliminated The Second Serve, Roger Federer Would Dominate Even More

Sep 28: Eyes Wide Open: How Surface Impacts Serving Patterns

Sep 26: When In London, Djokovic Raises His Game To Another Level

Sep 20: Nadal, Djokovic Would Be Hall Of Fame Baseball Players

Sep 12: Del Potro Shows He's Is the Ultimate Game Closer In Tennis

Sep 4: How Isner & Top 20 Stars Perform When Games Go To Deuce

Aug 22: How Quickly Federer, Top 10 Race Through Their Service Games

Aug 16: The Importance Of Striking An Ace

Aug 12: De Minaur's Rise Shows It's All About Winning The Right Points

Jul 26: The Best Players At Unlocking 40-0 Return Games

Jul 19: Nadal Leading ATP Race To London

Jul 11: Who Leads The Way On Return At Wimbledon?

Jun 22: The Surprise That Pays Dividends For The Top 10

Jun 14: Dominic Thiem 2018's Iron Man

Jun 6: How Cecchinato Can Stun Thiem, Reach Roland Garros Final

May 28: This #NextGenATP Star Is Poised For A Roland Garros Breakthrough

May 18: Little Things Adding Up For Shapovalov In 2018

May 10: How Thiem Changes Tactics When He Changes Surfaces

May 3: At 15-30, Courageous Kev Is A Bold Pattern Breaker

Apr 27: Rafa's New Golden Era Hits Top Gear

Apr 19: The Switch Goffin, Nadal Hit When Transitioning To Clay

Apr 11: Five Players With Surprising Stats In 2018

Apr 4: Nadal Does This One Thing So Much Better On Clay

Mar 22: Returning Serve - The Long & Short Of It

Mar 7: Delpo's Big Rise Built On Small Margins

Feb 28: As Delpo Knows, Leaving Your Return Short Is Bad Except...

Feb 26: The Best Returner Among The Big Four

Feb 21: Nadal Has Done This Better Than Everyone

Feb 7: The Sure Way Dimitrov Used To Climb The ATP Rankings

Feb 1: This Part Of Chung's Game Is Nearly Top 10 Already

Jan 24: What Edmund Improved To Make The Australian Open SF

Jan 19: This Is Where Nadal Places Most Of His Returns

Jan 12: Where Do Lefties Serve At Crunch Time?

Jan 8: Federer, Nadal, Dimitrov, Rublev: Who Will Impress The Most In 2018?


Dec 29: No One Tops Murray Returning First Serves

Dec 28: Think You Missed Federer At His Peak? Think Again

Dec 28: The Stat That Showed Why Dimitrov Had His Best Year Yet

Dec 24: The Most Telling Stats Of 2017 - Part 2

Dec 23: The Most Telling Stats Of 2017 - Part 1

Dec 14: Nadal Improves With Radical Serving Pattern Switch

Nov 29: Down The T Or Out Wide? Depends What You Want

Nov 17: A Powerful First Serve Is Nice, But Variety Gets You To London

Nov 6: #NextGenATP Serving Under Pressure

Oct 27: No Player Does This Better Than Damir Dzumhur

Oct 18: Rafa Is The Only Top 100 Player Who Does This

Oct 13: Federer Leads The Way Serving Under Pressure

Oct 3: Nadal's Surprising Stat That Pushed Him To No. 1

Sep 27: On Serve, Federer Slams The Door Better Than Anyone

Sep 19: Rublev's Meteoric Rise: What Made The Difference?

Sep 14: Top 10 Wins Don't Come Easy

Sep 8: All Or Nothing On Break Points - Who Holds Their Nerve?

Sep 1: How Querrey Does The Damage On Serve

Aug 22: #NextGenATP Donaldson Breaks The Trend

Aug 18: How Schwartzman Became The Return Giant In 2017

Aug 7: With The Match On Their Racket, The Top 10 Stay Clutch

Aug 4: When Zverev Gets Ahead, He Steps On It

Jul 28: The Numbers Behind The Big Four's Dominance

Jul 18: What Everyone Overlooks About Federer & Nadal's Game

Jul 14: Sampras Serves Up Wimbledon Success

Jul 5: Nadal Takes The Unconventional Road To Improvement

Jun 21: Rafa, Novak & The Snowball Effect

Jun 13: Calm & Steady Wins The Race

Jun 5: This Top 10 Duo Makes Return Numbers Add Up

Jun 1: Kontinen/Peers Serve Up Success

May 29: How Wawrinka/Djokovic Raise Their Games In Paris

May 24: Zverev's Fast Starts Spark Easy Holds

May 17: How Djokovic, Federer, Sampras All Became N0. 1

May 3: In Record Year, Nadal Bucks Top 10 Trend

Apr 25: For Some Players There Is A Difference Between 30-30 & Deuce

Apr 18: Four Keys To Nadal Winning His 10th Monte Carlo Crown

Apr 13: Want To Be Like Djokovic? Master Your 2nd Serve

Apr 5: Dimitrov, Kyrgios Leading The Way This Season

May 29: Kyrgios Keeps Them Guessing

Mar 22: Roger's 10,000 Break Point Chances

Mar 15: How Rafael Nadal Became The King Of Returns

Mar 8: Thanks To Mischa, Serve & Volley Is Back

Feb 28: Isner, Monfils Serve Their Way Out Of Trouble

Feb 22: How Good Is Your Serve?

Feb 14: The Secret Of Dimitrov's Success Revealed.

Feb 7: Stefan Edberg, The King Of Returns

Feb 1: Evans Returns His Way To Career High Ranking

Jan 24: Down On Serve, Stan Shows The Way Out

Jan 17: The Hidden Danger Of 15 All

Jan 10: How Murray's Time On Court Compares To The Top 10

Jan 5: Is The Return Of Serve Tennis' New Superpower?

Jan 2: Cilic's Simple Path To Success


Dec 30: Nishikori Steps Into 2nd Serve Success

Dec 27: Dimitrov Wins More With Less

Dec 22: Facing Break Point, Nadal Outperforms His Peers

Dec 16: Kyrgios' Stellar Serving Sparks Best Year On Tour

Dec 9: The Biggest Reason Monfils Had His Best Year On Tour

Dec 7: Taylor Fritz's Path To Another Banner Season In 2017

Dec 5: Opportunity Breeds Success For Zverev

Dec 3: Raonic Reaps Reward On Return

Nov 28: Del Potro Finds Success Behind 2nd Serves

Nov 9: The Key To London Success: Saving Break Points

Nov 8: Serving For The Match? No Problem For The Top 10

Nov 4: Karlovic, Raonic Among Tour's Most Efficient Servers

Oct 26: How Hewitt Raised His Level Against The Top Players

Oct 18: Returning To Win

Oct 13: The Formula To Becoming No. 1

Oct 7: Djokovic, Top 10 Know Not All Points Are Created Equal

Sep 29: 2004: Roger Federer's Best Season Ever?

Sep 20: Why Federer 7 Co. Love Serving At 15-All

Sep 8: Top 10 Ways Murray Has Improved In 2016

Aug 30: Nick Kyrgios Among 2nd Serve Standouts

Aug 28: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: First Points Matter

Aug 16: The Best Hardcourt Returner Of All Time Is...

Aug 9: Rafael Nadal - The Underrated Server

Aug 4: Dominic Thiem - 1% Makes A Huge Difference

Jul 28: A Bright Spot For Returners

Jul 13: The Percentages That Separate Djokovic & The Top 10

Jul 6: Who's The Most Clutch Server In Tennis? 

Jun 21: Letting The Scoreboard Dictate Strategy

Jun 14: Risk & Reward Of High Power Serving

Jun 7: Too Good At Making First Serves?

May 31: Serving Under Pressure? No Problem For Federer

May 25: Novak Uses Third Serve To Full Advantage

May 17: How Murray Has Become Top Clay Court Player

May 11: Holding & Breaking From 0/30

Apr 29: How Nadal And The World's Best Win At 15/30

Apr 26: Remembering & Explaining Roger Federer's Early Climb

Apr 14: First Serves Key To Goffin's Ascent

Apr 5: Djokovic On A Roll

Mar 28: Djokovic Breaks The Mold

Mar 24: Improved Return Game Fueling Thiem's Top-10 Quest

Mar 20: Risk & Reward: High Stakes At 30/30

Feb 29: When Breaking Back Can Be A Back Breaker

Feb 28: Federer's Focus: Time Is Of The Essence

Feb 17: Steve Johnson: Slow But Steady Wins The Race

Feb 9: Novak Djokovic: The Power Of One

Feb 2: On Break Points First Serves Count!

Jan 27: Milos Raonic In Focus

Jan 20: David Ferrer In Focus

Jan 13: Aussies Look For Home Success

Jan 5: Holding Serve For The Elite Eight