Webinar 36: Make Better Decisions

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  • As we all know, tennis is such a mental game. The ability to out-think your opponent while staying in command of your emotions can be extremely challenging. Webinar 36 (Make Better Decisions) is all about keeping your head on the court, handling adversity, and being smarter with your decision-making.
  • Let's "pre-load" your decision-making skills before crunch time in the match arrives. Learn how to react mentally rather than emotionally in the heat of battle.
  • Improved decision-making comes from a variety of factors. It's about understanding the patterns and percentages of our sport as well as knowing the right way to react to specific situations that have a lot of influence over the final outcome. 
  • When is the right time to change tactics? When should you switch between primary and secondary patterns?
  • Learn how the best players in the world make better decisions in competition. It all starts with knowing who you are as a player and having clear options on how to defeat your opponent.
  • Better decision-making comes from having a clear head in battle. It comes from knowing the percentages in the moment and not hoping to pull a rabbit out of a hat on a big point. 
  • You need to create leverage in your matches. Making the right decisions with shot selection does exactly that.
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