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The First 4 Shots

The First 4 Shots is brand new analysis for our sport. Rally length matters a whole lot more than we think it does, focusing the spotlight on where players really gain the edge on their opponents. Most importantly, The First 4 Shots comprehensively proves that the practice court is broken. Globally, we spend too much time hitting forehands and backhands up the middle of the court, instead of developing our serve, return, serve +1 and return +1 patterns of play.

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Short Ball Hunter

Short Ball Hunter is the most comprehensive analysis of approach and volley in today’s game. The “herd mentality” in global tennis thinks it’s too tough to get to the net and be successful. The herd is wrong. Short Ball Hunter proves that the net is a great place to be, with data from over 80K junior and college matches, a full analysis of the second week of the 2015 U.S. Open, and 10 ATP finals that Roger Federer has recently played. The facts are indisputable. Welcome back to the net!

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Num3ers focuses on completely new data about rallying, primarily from the 2015 Australian Open, where I was the tournament’s analyst. When I say new data, I mean numbers that you have absolutely never seen before. Numbers uncovers the secret powers of the three different rally lengths (0-4, 5-9 & 10+) for the men’s and women’s game, and their surprising winning percentages. You will also learn all about average rally length, baseline win %, forced error %, and what segment the best players in the world spend most of their time. This revolutionary, new information will definitely change the way you think about the game and practice.

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25 Golden Rules of Singles Strategy

Tennis may look like a game of random pinball, but it is actually a game of repeatable patterns that you can copy from the world’s best players. There are four elements to tennis – serving, returning, rallying, and approaching, and each one has higher percentage patterns that you can continually run. Learn which serve spots are better than others, the best place to return, how to construct a patterns of play, and the best place to approach to. Play smarter = win a lot more matches.

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Between The Points

When you step onto a tennis court to play a match, you actually play two matches – one during the point, and one between the points. We all know tennis is a very mental and emotional game, and this unique product teaches how to make them a strength of your game. Learn what to focus on between points, how to manage the time from the end of one point to the start of another, and how to stay positive when the dark, emotional storm clouds want to roll in. Being the absolute best you can between points can win a lot a matches without doing anything else better. 

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25 Golden Rules of Doubles Strategy

Doubles is a lot more about situations, and figuring the right way to take advantage of the net. Learn about the most important element of doubles, the Center Window, and how the doubles court is really shaped like an hourglass. Serving patterns, return targets, and how to dominate at the net by reading your opponent much more than the ball are all covered in this new strategy product.

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Dou8les Num3ers

Welcome to the world of crystal clear doubles data. Doubles is a game of repeatable patterns, even more so than singles, and now the winning percentages that go along with those patterns are all revealed for the first time. The mystery of doubles success is solved at all levels of the game by knowing key serve, return, rally and net metrics. Should you stay back and rally, or should you work your way to the net to finish the point? That question is answered, along with many others, providing a winning roadmap for your doubles play. Stop guessing. Follow proven, winning patterns, based on the world’s best doubles research.

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Australian coach, Craig O’Shannessy, has worked on tour for 20 years and developed into the world’s leading expert analyzing the strategy of the game. The bottom line is that Craig makes strategy easier to understand and coach, and his extensive knowledge is all passed along in these two amazing new products.
  • Players  The best players in the world run the best patterns. Here they all are.
  • Coaches No more guessing. No more opinions. Learn the facts & immediately improve your coaching.
  • Fans You love tennis. Now know it inside out. You will never watch another match the same way again.

The 25 Golden Rules of Singles Strategy

The 25 Golden Rules clearly and simply teaches the most dominant patterns of play in our game and the winning percentages that go along with them.

You will never watch, play or coach a tennis match the same way ever again.

The 25 Golden Rules will fundamentally change the way you think and see the sport.

  • Superior analytics – A deep analysis of the percentages that rule the game.
  • Best Patterns – Learn the secret patterns of the best players in the world and then hit copy and paste for your own game.
  • Go Do This – an action plan of how to incorporate the 25 Golden Rules straight into your game.
  • Revolutionary – This will change the way you look at the sport forever.

Between the Points

Make the critical mental and emotional components of tennis a strength of your game. Between the Points is a road map for players, coaches and fans to clearly understand the most important match – the one between your ears between every point of tennis you will ever play.

  • Road Map – Learn a simple, efficient routine to help you stay focused in a match.
  • Learn From The Best – A study of Rafael Nadal’s success in battling his demons to win Wimbledon.
  • Game Plans – how to form a game plan and when to change it.
  • 3 Opponents – How to make the battle unfair and create three opponents for the person on the other side of the net.