5 Step Routine


This IS Your Routine

There are 1000 different things you could do between the points. Let’s get rid of 995 of them and focus only on what is going to help you win the match.

Your between point routine has 5 parts.

1. Review Last Point

You must understand what just happened. The first thing is typically not to react emotionally, especially with disappointment that you lost the point. React mentally, and rationally, and seek to understand why you just won or lost the point.

2. Go To Your Strings

This is a position of focus for tennis players. Your eyes will lead you into trouble and distraction. Look obsessively at your strings between points and think of it as your notepad to log what is happening in the match.

3. Determination

Show strength in your body language. Your eyes, facial expressions, how your carry your shoulders and especially your walk is all important to communicate strength to your opponent.

4. Relaxation

Take a lot of time outs between the points. It’s hard, if not impossible, to concentrate for hours on end. Take these little time outs constantly to stay fresh and to also let off a little steam instead of bottling it up for a major explosion later on.

5. Plan Next Point

Think about what you want to achieve in the very next point. Start with serves and returns and how you would like the point to end. If you plan for it you instantly have a much better chance of achieving it.

Rafael Nadal’s Book – RAFA

Fighting Temptation

Being concentrated means keeping doing what you know you have to do,
never changing your plan, unless the circumstances of a rally or of the game change exceptionally
enough to warrant springing a surprise. It means discipline, it means holding back when the temptation arises to go for broke.
 Fighting that temptation means keeping your impatience or frustration in check.

Go Do This

Your magic number is 5.

You need all 5 steps to fulfill your potential between the points.

Write down the number 5 on your hand or arm or racquet, etc.

Look at it between points as you on-court reminder. Master every step. 

Don’t think you can leave one or two out and still enjoy success. They all matter.