Webinar 29 Match Rituals

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  • A ritual can be best described as "a series of actions or type of behavior regularly followed by someone." That's exactly what we are looking to establish. Winning habits with where you walk, how you walk, how you think, and how you process winning and losing points.
  • Match rituals are put in place so that when adversity finally arrives (and it will), you are best prepared to handle it. Your ingrained rituals battle the match adversity - and win!
  • VIDEO: Study the winning rituals of Iga Switaek and Novak Djokovic that helped them win Roland Garros this year. There are a lot of little things things that you probably didn't pick up on that are the cornerstones of their mental/emotional rituals.
  • VIDEO: Andre Agassi. Learn what return of serve ritual he always used to become one of the greatest returners of all time.
  • VIDEO: See the moments in time that strong rituals short-circuit adversity and help you navigate your way to victory without having a meltdown.
  • Players work so hard to refine their stroke technique. Developing strong rituals are just as important to winning matches. Copy the best rituals from the pro game.
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