Boy’s 14’s

This is where the jigsaw puzzle really starts to take shape.

Rally length quickly resembles the older age groups.

It’s discovery time as players have sharper tools to work with. (data set = 7187 points).

I like analogies. They are a great way to get a new message across. Here’s three…

The jigsaw puzzle.

Imagine buying a brand new jigsaw puzzle – let’s say 500 pieces. What a fun afternoon that used to be for a young kid.

In Boy’s 12’s, what basically happens is that they get to pour all 500 pieces out onto the table, and start to rearrange them a little, grabbing the ones with the straight sides first – starting at the edges. Boy’s 12’s is much more about the thrill of the jigsaw puzzle rather than the laborious task of piecing it all together. The 12-year-old’s attention span quickly hits a wall, and he walks away from the table to find something a little more interesting to do.

Then the 14-year-old brother comes home. He walks to the table, and starts to genuinely, enthusiastically put the pieces together. The 14-year-old can see the bigger picture. At 12 it was tough. At 14, the vision getting clearer. The feel for the process is emerging. At 14, you think you are already 18 – or at least wish you were!

Same in tennis. 14’s is a real turning point. 14’s can put the jigsaw puzzle of tennis together much better than 12’s.

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