Novak Djokovic

World No. 1 - 22 Grand Slams
Craig has an immense love, passion, and devotion to the sport. He is a coach and an analyst and what he does, he does very well. He is devoted to that. He sees the game from every detail and different perspectives that are important for all of us players to take into consideration.

Andy Murray

Former World No. 1 - 3x Grand Slam Winner
What happens in matches, and what the numbers say, can often be very different. This is where Craig's work proves invaluable. Patterns and percentages are not always obvious but Craig is excellent at distilling and communicating the information.

Jan-Lennard Struff

Top 30 ATP Pro - German Davis Cup
Craig is an inspiring person. His commitment to analyzing every small detail of your game and opponents is amazing. He has a very positive attitude and I really love his day-to-day energy. He helped me to become clearer with my own game style and I really appreciate his communication and the work we have done.
Pro tennis coach Brandon Wagner

Brandon Wagner

Associate Head Men's Coach - University Of Texas
Craig sees the game differently. We see chaos. He sees patterns. I have worked closely with him for the past 15 years and have witnessed first-hand how his global influence in our sport has grown. Craig is truly changing the game - specifically by improving the quality of the practice court. We all used to think grinding was the best way to improve. The First 4 Shots certainly changed that! Craig has worked closely with players that I coach full-time, and I always enjoy spending time on court with him.

1-On-1 Zoom Coaching With Craig O'Shannessy

Learn from the world's premier tennis strategy expert - from anywhere in the world!

Zoom Strategy Lessons

Craig's Zoom Lessons = $200/50 minutes 

Developing tennis strategy is an ongoing process as players progress along the Player Development pathway.

Below are package options to purchase more than one lesson and receive a discount. 

  • One lesson  = $200.
  • Five lessons = $950. (5% discount)
  • Ten lessons = $1800. (10% discount)

Once you purchase your Zoom Strategy Lesson, Craig will contact you within 24-48 hours to coordinate the time. 

  • 1-on-1 Strategy with Craig: One Lesson

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  • 1-on-1 Strategy with Craig: Five Lessons

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  • 1-on-1 Strategy with Craig: Ten Lessons

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Congratulations! The world's leading tennis strategy coach is now part of YOUR team!

2018 US Open: Craig O'Shannessy with the US Open trophy as part of Team Djokovic.

Remote Coaching Works

You live in London. Or you live in Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Munich, Rio de Janeiro, or Cape Town. Or Timbuktu.

Distance has always been a barrier to improving as a tennis player. Getting access to the right facilities, the best programs, and the sharpest coaches can be a real challenge for players.

You travel. You are hungry to improve.

Welcome to Match IQ Zoom Coaching from Brain Game Tennis.

Craig O'Shannessy is widely recognized as the world leader in tennis strategy, and he is now available to coach you, in person, over Zoom.

Who is Craig? Craig is the strategy analyst for the ATP Tour, Wimbledon, The New York Times, and Tennishead Magazine, and was part of Team Novak Djokovic from 2017 to 2019, helping guide the Serb back to World No. 1 while winning four Grand Slam titles.

Craig has been conducting remote coaching online for a number of years, helping players at all levels of the game improve their tennis.

Here are five ways Craig connects with his students from all over the world.

1: Review Practice Sets
There is so much to learn from watching a recording of your practice sets with Craig. The ability to pause the video and discuss patterns of play based on your strengths and weaknesses as well as the opponent offers priceless coaching that will help you make better decisions in competition. You also get to analyze your technique, body language, footwork, anticipation, and spacing to the ball. 

2: Review Matches
Your match will be tagged to produce a Match Intelligence Report, which offers the best statistical analysis in the world. Then, go over the tagged match video to learn what you are doing well and what needs to improve. Nothing is more powerful than seeing yourself play. You will initially go over the Match Intelligence Report to analyze the match metrics from serving, returning, rallying, and approaching. There is a really good chance you are doing things in a match you had no idea you are doing. Then go to the video to know exactly what is going on. 

3: Patterns & Percentages
Online lessons are absolutely ideal to teach patterns of play for both singles and doubles. The ability to share a video screen and pause it at critical times to discuss shot selection is tailor made for this style of coaching. Craig has done extensive research on the best patterns of play in the game and the winning percentages that go along with them. The best part is that Craig can customize the online coaching to ideally fit your game style. 

4: The Mental/Emotional Game
Craig teaches specific techniques to help players learn what to focus on in a match as well as control and redirect negativity that can often become overwhelming in competition. The key component is to replace the old negative habits with new positive ones. You could have a great game, but if you are too negative or get too angry with yourself, you are never going to achieve your potential. Craig works with you to conquer your demons and become the positive player that you know you can become.

5: Pro Match Reviews
Analyze the best players in the world to adopt their patterns of play for your own game. It's extremely powerful to study the best players and identify exactly how they are succeeding in matches. For example, Craig will pause a point and you will discuss what shot selection you would typically choose, and then compare that to a Top 10 player. There is no better way to make better decisions in a match than learning them from the best players in the business.

6: Opponent Scouting
Watch match video of opponents with Craig to optimize the best game plan. Craig has spent hundreds of hours on Zoom calls analyzing opponents in upcoming matches to form a winning game plan. What Craig does best is to find the repeatable patterns to focus on where your opponent is weaker, and also what type of point they want to construct. It does not matter if you are playing a match in Africa, Asia or Australia, the ability to scout your opponent with Craig will provide a real advantage for your match.

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Strategy Series - Five-Part Coaching Program

Don't know exactly where to start? A great idea is to begin with one of Craig's existing courses. These lessons are recorded on Zoom so that you can continually watch them and keep learning. 

All three courses will be customized to your age and ability level. 

Singles Patterns & Percentages
This course focuses on the best patterns of play when serving, returning rallying, and approaching. Learn the win percentages that underpin these highly successful patterns. Craig has extensively studied match analytics from the best players in the world to help identify which patterns work better than others. The course kicks off with the key statistics in singles that form the pillars of winning play. Is it better to hit a run-around forehand or a backhand? Is it better to approach with a forehand or a backhand? What about serve locations and return targets? All of these aspects are covered in this robust course.

Doubles Patterns & Percentages
With four players on the court, doubles is much more about situations. It's also about maximizing the right strategies with the serve, return, and the first volley. What's also possible here is to take this course with your doubles partner so that you are both on the same page. The first concept you will learn about is the "Center Window" which is the most important area on the doubles court - and it's a virtual area! You will learn the best place to stand and which balls are yours to take at the front of the court. You will also analyze video of doubles points to see how these concepts play out in a competitive match. 

Mental/Emotional Game
Being mentally tough and emotionally stable in the heat of competition is a key component of a champion. Craig's course gives you "real-life" action items to take big steps forward with how you handle yourself between the points. This course starts with understanding that tennis is not a game of perfection. It's a game of perfection, and you are not going to win every point you play. Dealing with adversity the right way is a key component of this course. How you handle your mental and emotional state between points directly effects how you perform once the point begind. 

The three courses are taught in five 50-minute sessions.

IMPORTANT: Once you purchase your Zoom Strategy Lesson, you will be contacted by Craig within 24 hours to set up the time. 

  • Singles Patterns & Percentages: Strategy Series

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  • Doubles Patterns & Percentages: Strategy Series

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  • The Mental/Emotional Game: Strategy Series

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