Make strategy a strength of your game.

Tennis is your jam. Whether you are an amateur or professional, developing your game is a primary focus. You put in the hours on the practice court. You play matches. You know there is more improvement to come.

Welcome to a better way.

Match IQ is specifically created for tennis players to improve competitive performance. Here’s what is under the hood:

1: Tagged Match Video: The ultimate way to analyze your matches. All of your matches are available online in a private Dartfish collection and tagged to remove the dead time. A filtered search lets you target just the patterns of play you are looking for. You don't need to watch the whole match. You need to quickly get to the points that matter the most.

2: Match Intelligence Report: Benefit from the most advanced tennis analytics in the world. The 11-page Match Intelligence Report report summarizes the match and allows you to pinpoint what worked and what needs improvement. Understand your game at a whole new level thanks to new data analytics that tell a better story of why you won or lost.

3: Professional Analysis: Add the world’s leading tennis analyst, Craig O’Shannessy, to your team. Craig has 35 years of experience working at all levels of the game and has pioneered the new tennis analytics coming into our sport. Craig assembles an abundant amount of data and then distills it to make it simple to digest for coaches and players.

4: Remote Coaching: Benefit from Zoom video calls wherever you are in the world. Connect with Craig to go over match video or to analyze an upcoming opponent. Distance is no longer a roadblock to improving your game.

5: Opponent Scouting: Study opponent tendencies using video & match metrics. Do pre-match analysis with Craig to create the right game plan. It's important to run your own patterns in a match but it's more important to hit the ball where your opponent does not want it.

6: Patterns Of Play - Utilize the world's best patterns learned from the world’s best players. Improve your decision-making when serving, returning, rallying, and approaching. Tennis looks random. It's not. It's a game of repeatable patterns and you will quickly learn which are the highest percentage in our sport.

How you hit the ball matters. Where you hit it matters more.

2018 US Open Champion: Novak Djokovic & Team

Craig O’Shannessy is widely recognized as the world’s leading tennis analyst.

He is the strategist for the ATP Tour, the Italian Tennis Federation, and Tennishead Magazine. He has worked on the coaching team of numerous professional players including Novak Djokovic, helping the world No. 1 capture four Grand Slam titles. Craig has also worked as the strategy analyst for Wimbledon and the Australian Open and runs his own website

Craig has recently pioneered new tennis data focused on the importance of rally length. He is at the cutting edge of our sport, uncovering new match metrics that matter most to winning.

Add Craig’s experience to fuel your improvement. Fully utilize video and analytics to take your game to the next level - where you know it belongs.

From 2017 to 2019, Craig O'Shannessy was on the coaching staff of Team Djokovic, helping guide Novak back to World No.1, winning four Grand Slams, including back-to-back Wimbledon titles, as four Masters 1000 titles along the way.

In 2019 Craig also joined the coaching teams of Matteo Berrettini and Jan-Lennard Struff. The Italian shot up from No. 54 to No. 8, reaching the semi-finals of the US Open along the way. The German moved from outside the Top 50 up to a career-high of No. 33 with 10 Top 30 wins.

There are a lot of moving parts that contribute to the success of a professional tennis player. Craig O'Shannessy's Match IQ coaching approach, using match advanced match video metrics, played a key role.

Welcome to the world's most advanced match analysis for players at every single level of the game. From juniors in Germany to club players in Canada. From under 12's in Hong Kong to Argentina. Welcome to a better way to learn and improve in tennis.

The Tennis Channel - Moneyball Exclusive

Invest In Your Game

There are five ways to invest in your game and unleash the power of Match IQ.

Option 1: Zoom Strategy Lessons = $200/Lesson

Book Zoom video strategy lessons with Craig to put a steep curve in your learning process. These 50 minute customized lessons focus on teaching you the intricacies of tennis strategy using video analysis and personalized match statistics. 

Option 2: Tagged Match Video = $250/match

Your tagged match is available to review online with Craig, including an 11-page Match Intelligence Report. Patterns of play come to life from the Zoom video & analytics review.

Option 3: Five-Lesson Improvement Series = $1000/Lesson Series

Work 1-on-1 or in a group directly with Craig on a Zoom video call that is focused on a specific area of improvement such as singles, doubles, to the mental/emotional game.

Option 4 = Unlimited Match Video & Analysis = $2500/month

Have all of your matches (practice & tournaments) tagged and reviewed by Craig. Access the match videos in your own private online collection and create aggregate reports combining multiple matches into one report. Craig keeps a finger on the pulse of your game with regular Zoom video calls with you and/or your coach.

Option 5 = Unlimited Pre & Post Match Coaching = $5000/month

This is for players who want to add pre-match scouting of opponents. Craig delivers a scouting report (video / strategy / analytics) on the opponent focusing on serve & return tendencies, baseline areas of strength and weakness as well as rally length, net play and point construction. It also includes a post-match review of the scouting report. 

Option 6 = The Complete Practice & Match = $10K/month

This level leaves no stone unturned with your game. Craig helps you organize your practice court, including customized drills to focus on areas of improvement and developing weaknesses. You will also enjoy access to “live” coaching on the practice court, as well as a review of practice. Level five also includes all of the benefits of level four as well. 

Work 1-on-1 with the world's premier tennis strategy expert

1-on-1 Zoom Strategy Calls With Craig O'Shannessy

It does not matter where in the world you are, getting 1-on-1 time with Craig is now possible via the Zoom Video Chat platform.

  • Zoom calls will be recorded so you can continue to access the new knowledge.
  • Craig shares his screen so the player can view presentations or review video of their own match.
  • Personalize the chat sessions to focus on developing your strengths & improving weaknesses.