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How exactly is a clay court different than a hard court?

Certainly the way a foot slides on clay, and the way the ball reacts with the granules of “terre battue” is different than playing on hard. But is there more to it than that?

If you look for the answer on practice courts all over the world, you would be led to believe that grinding from the back of the court is THE most important thing there is to be successful. The traditional “clay court” mantra focuses on repetition, shot tolerance and suffering from the back of the court. Build a trench back there and don’t miss.

Is that the same view point we get when we analyze clay court match data?

That’s exactly what Dirtballer is all about. Using big data to drill down to the essence of winning and losing on dirt. Get rid of the guessing.

Clay court tennis has never been under the microscope like this before!

The first time I interacted with Craig was when I was a student athlete at UVA. He gave our team a brilliant presentation, which really opened our eyes and our minds to how much more we could be improving by just paying more attention to important details. Craig is undoubtedly one of the sharpest tennis minds out there and his simple theories through observations of whats really happening will definitely intrigue every tennis lover out there, regardless of their level. Most importantly, I’ve always seen Craig as an avid student of the game, something which all of us should be if we truly love this beautiful game.


2x NCAA Champion / ATP No. 62

The Reality of Clay Court Tennis

When you think of clay court tennis, you probably think of.

  • Consistency
  • Shot tolerance
  • Repetition
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Grinding
  • Suffering

Not anymore!

Dirtballer uncovers groundbreaking data from years of clay court tennis that shows us the reality of this part of the sport. And it is not what you think.

Transform How You Play & Practice on Clay

The old teaching methods of consistency are going out the window with Dirtballer. You're going to start practicing what matters to winning on clay, and as a result, you're going to start winning more matches.

Most tennis coaches have you practice long rallies to practice for clay. Dirtballer answers questions like.

  • Are points longer on clay courts than hard courts?
  • Do you need to be able to grind and hit more balls than your opponent to win?
  • Do first strike methods, like serve + 1 work for clay?
  • Is it more important to work to win 0-4, 5-8, or 9+ rallies?
  • What makes Nadal so good on clay?

After learning this groundbreaking data, you will change how you practice and play on clay forever.

What You'll Learn

After analyzing 17 match metrics for both men and women, and studying countless amounts of data from Roland Garros, Monte Carlo, Rome, and Madrid, we've discovered what matters most to winning matches on clay.

You are going to learn.

  • Why grinding and shot tolerance are less important than you think.
  • What the real differences are between clay and hard courts.
  • What stats make Nadal so much better than everyone else on clay. 7 complete lesson dedicated only to Rafa!
  • How net clearance and height of contact point change on hard vs clay courts.
  • Which stats lead to winning for both men and women at Roland Garros.
  • What serve patterns the best players in the world use on clay vs hard courts, and what is most effective.

Your New Coach!

Tennis strategy coach - Craig O'Shannessy

Craig O'Shannessy regularly speaks at tennis conferences & tournaments around the world as an expert analyst. He created Dirtballer for players and coaches who want to more effectively improve the way play & coach on clay courts.

As an ATP strategy coach, Craig has access to data that isn't available to the public. He uses this information to create these strategy courses on Brain Game Tennis. After discovering this groundbreaking tennis information you'll change the way you coach, play, and practice on clay!

What's Included?

When you purchase Dirtballer, you get.

  • Access to over 20 clay court lessons from the best tennis strategy coach in the world. Including statistical analysis and tables that prove the ideas behind the course.
  • Easy access to analysis of 29 of the biggest pro clay court tennis matches since 2012. Including Roland Garros, Monte Carlo, Rome, and Madrid.
  • 7 lessons specifically dedicated to Rafael Nadal! We dove deep into the date to uncover what makes the King of Clay so good.
  • Lifetime access to Dirtballer!
  • Free access to all future updates of Dirtballer.

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