Boy’s 12’s

Patterns & strategy live here.

This is the launching pad. Let’s get it right.

The data set is 3474 points of national level events in the US and Canada. 

I consider 12’s to be such a critical aspect of our sport. Coaches, globally, tend to be quite loose in this area, accepting a variety of techniques and attitudes. To some degree, letting kids do whatever they want has some merit. But there is another way to consider things here.

This is where the cement gets set. Any habits (good and bad) that are formed at an early age will be so much harder to break later on. We try and fix so many faults in 16’s, 18’s and in college tennis that never should have occurred in the first place. Where can the problem be backtracked to? Right here…

A big shout out to Warren Pretorious at Tennis Analytics for sharing this key data. The tournament data comes from high level national events in the U.S. and Canada.

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