Webinar 47: Backhand Slice Situations

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  • Having a solid slice backhand is a potent offensive and defensive weapon in a match. 
  • Offense - Backspin is your control spin, and allows you to pinpoint where you want to hit on the court. Hitting a low backhand slice that sits below your opponents strike zone is an excellent tool to extract errors from your opponent.
  • Defeinse - Having a trusty backhand slice is an ideal way to blunt your opponent's power and get the ball back in the court. Slice backhhands keep you in the point and simultanously give your opponent nothing to work with.
  • VIDEO: Novak Djokovic said Dan Evans "dismantled his game" when he defeated him 6-4, 7-5 in Monte Carlo in 2021. See examples of how Evans frustrated Djokovic and completely threw him off his game.
  • VIDEO: See examples of players with the best slice backhands on tour. Study their technique and study how they generate so much backspin and either hit it hard and low, or slow and higher.
  • You will learn the right time to use your slice backhand, as well as how to improve your technique. 
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