2015 Australian Open Juniors: Best Time To Approach

Improvement is a measurable pathway.

The serve does not help the Serve +1 approach as much.

I absolutely love working on data that has not been analyzed before – constantly learning about our great game.

When I start talking with other coaches about NEW tennis data, the conversation is always an interesting one. It’s either going to head in a direction where the coach wants to learn all he can about it, or he will provide his/her own opinions and preconceived ideas about what it means without really giving the new numbers full consideration. Unfortunately, the second option seems to happen all too often.


The area that it happens by far the most is when the discussion is about “pro data” and the coach puts a wall up and says “but I coach juniors, and that’s completely different.”

Is it? Do you know that for a fact? The court is the same, the ball is the same, the racket is the same, the rules are the same, so why do you think it’s so different?

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