Webinar 32 Hitting Down The Line

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  • Webinar 32 brings brand new data to our sport. We look at big data from 500+ matches to determine how many shots actually go cross and go down the line. This is literally "never-seen-before" match metrics.
  • When is the right time to go down the line? When should you pull the trigger straight down the line to finish eh point? How important is court position, balance, spacing, and spin over the high part of the net?
  • Down The Line Winners & Errors. This is the first time to see a detailed breakdown of down-the-line forehand and backhand winners compared to cross court.
  • Errors - Net vs. Out. What's the breakdown between down the line errors that sail long and wide vs. in the net?
  • Down The Line Defense. Typically, defense goes cross court, but there are specific instances that defending down the line is the right call.
  • VIDEO: Study Carlos Alcaraz going down the line hitting winners. Study his technique, footwork, spacing, and how he sets the point up to pull the trigger on the right shot. Also, study when he makes an error and why it happens.
  • VIDEO: Study Novak Djokovic going down the line in a rally with his forehand and backhand to get his opponent on a string and to wear them out.
  • ANALYTICS: Should you be hitting down the line more, or maybe less? Let match analytics help determine the right ratio, and also watch specific drills to get better at this specific part of the game.
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