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The Problem Is Upstream

One of the elements of our sport that I love the most is the diversity of playing styles that can be employed to be successful. On top of that, you also have a lot of variance with height, speed, agility, strength and technique.

Take the men's quarter-finals of the 2017 US Open for example.

You have 6'8" (202cm) Kevin Anderson, from South Africa, and 5'7" (170cm) Diego Schwartzman, from Argentina. The fact that both of these players can go deep in New York while being at either end of the height extremes is fantastic. Different heights, different speeds, different tactics, different weapons. And then add the layer that our sport is played on different surfaces all over the globe. Wonderful!

Different techniques are also to be celebrated - to a point. I always use the example of the Top 10 men in the world.  Ten different guys with ten different forehands. All wildly successful, and not one forehand looks exactly the same as the other.

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