Leaking Cup


Key Points

Take Mental Practice Swings

You need to be constantly previewing the type of points you want to play in your mind before they actually happen. Having a plan for each and every point is imperative for success. The practice swings golfers take are constant reminders that deliver confidence to the play. Do the same in your mind on the tennis court. Don’t switch off between point. In fact, do the opposite. Keep repeating the same positive thoughts.

Your Mind Is Leaking

With so much going on in a tennis match it is easy to forget the important things.  Your good, positive thoughts can fade over time so you need to be reminding yourself constantly what you need to do out there – indeed hundreds of times! These are the same thoughts that will get you through the rocky times in the match. Focus on what’s the most critical to the final outcome.

Fill The Cup 

You never want to be on empty from a physical, mental or emotional standpoint. The good news is that when you fill your cup (mind) completely to the top with good thoughts and clear tactics then there is not anymore room for the negatively to fit. It’s a great way to stop bad thoughts – don’t give them any room to exist in the first place. You can outwit and short circuit the bad stuff by simply not giving it room to take root.

Rafael Nadal’s Book – RAFA

What Separates Players.

That’s where the mental strength comes in, what separates champions from near champions.
You put that failure immediately behind you, clean out of your mind.
You do not allow your mind to well on it. You draw, instead, on the strength of having won the first point and build on that, thinking only of what comes next.

Go Do This.

Constantly think about your game plan. Refine it and adjust it if needed.

Know you must keep thinking the same positive, constructive thoughts hundreds of times in a match.

Keep repeating to yourself what is working. Use trigger words to get it totally clear.

Don’t stop saying the important stuff such as “keep pounding the backhand.” 

Know that negatively can creep in if positivity is not already there. Be prepared for that battle.