Webinar 38: Aggressive Returns

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  • Should you be more aggressive on your returns? Should you try and extract more Serve +1 errors from your opponent? The answer is absolutely yes, as this is a critical battleground in all matches.
  • Aggressive returning encompasses power, court position, taking time away from the server, unpredictability, and an attacking mindset - even against first serves.
  • VIDEO: Watch exactly how attacking returners such as Roger Federer, Andre Agassi, Novak Djokovic, Nick Kyrgios, Andy Murray, and Iga Swiatek go about their business of coming after the server. 
  • VIDEO: Learn the footwork and blocking technique of aggressive returners. 
  • Aggressive returning first starts with the right mentality. It starts with a determination to not be pushed around by a first or second serve. It's a frame of mind that is also backed up by match analytics. 
  • Do you feel like the hunter or the hunted when returning serve? Learn the correct psychology to be an aggressive returner and break serve more.
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