Monte Carlo clay tennis court

Boy’s 16’s

A bigger game just came knocking.

The strategy is playing catch-up. It’s time to hit the ball.

 The forehand could be a lot more dominant that it actually is.

It’s an awkward age. The middle of the teenage years is a tough time to figure out who you really are. You are close to 12’s and 14’s, and you have actually experienced them, but 18’s still seems like a far way off. And what actually happens there anyway?

We are seeing this in these numbers. Some confusion. In the first two age groups, simply getting the ball in play won a lot of matches. The stronger backhand quite often was the “go to” shot as well. But does that  strategy still work as much?

In many ways, 16’s should be looking a whole lot more like 18’s. In some ways it is, but in other ways, 12’s and 14’s are still having a strong effect.

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