Webinar 44: Approach Shots

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  • Approach shots are the only shots in tennis where you want to "flow" through the shot so that you are in superior position for the next shot (volley).
  • Approach shots utilize a specific footwork pattern where you push off a specific leg depending if you are right-handed or left-handed.  
  • Learn the technique and footwork or successfully approaching the net, as well as the right target areas to attack. 
  • VIDEO: Watch the best players in the world use simple and efficient footwork to get to quickly get to the net as well as be balanced for the volley.
  • VIDEO: Slow motion analysis to learn the transfer of ideal energy from the body to the ball.
  • The best approach shots utilize the simplest and most efficient technique. Learn to come in with topspin, a flatter ball to take time away, and even slice.
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