Webinar 14 Forehand Playbook


Welcome to the world's best singles strategy!

Craig O'Shannessy is widely recognized as the world leader in researching and teaching tennis strategy. Craig has coached tennis at all levels of the game for the past 35 years. He has been the official strategy analyst for two Grand Slam events (Wimbledon & Australian Open) as well as having worked with Novak Djokovic for three years (2017-19), helping guide the Serb back to No. 1 in the world while winning four Grand Slam titles. Craig has also been the strategy analyst for the ATP Tour for a decade, analyzing the best players on the biggest stage in our sport.

Craig brings all of that experience to this singles webinar, using winning percentages to teach the best patterns of play when serving, returning, rallying, and approaching.

Welcome to the Brain Game Tennis webinar on the Forehand Playbook: Video Tactics & Technique.

* Duration: 90 minutes.
* Host: Craig O'Shannessy, Brain Game Tennis
* Q&A: During and at the end of the webinar.

Learn the world's best strategy from the world's leading tennis analyst.

  • Technique: Backswing. Learn the right way to prepare the racket back and automatically initiate the "unit turn." Understand the importance of the opposite hand in creating the correct swing path and how preparing early fixes so many problems.
  • Technique: Contact. Where the ball should be in relation to your body (front/side). Learn how to maximize energy into the ball.
  • Technique: Follow Through. Identify the different styles of follow through based on what you want to do with the ball. Understand the progressions needed to build the biggest weapon from the back of the court.
  • Baseline Positions A, B, C, D. Where are you standing when you hit most winners, and in what direction do most winners go?
  • Forehand Errors: Where do they accumulate the most and why?
  • Forehand Errors: How to reduce your error count with better tactics and technique.
  • Run-Around Forehands: Learn the importance of turning backhands into forehands.
  • Run-Around Forehands: Upgrade, Doubles & Freeze are three big benefits.
  • Building Points: Where is the best place to start and to finish?
  • Eight Ways To Force An Error: How to layer your offense to make your opponent miss.
  • Forehand Spin: When to dial up heavy topspin and backspin in a rally.
  • Forehand Timing: How to hit the ball hard with as little effort as possible.


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