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GAMEPLAN is going to change the way you coach, the way you practice, and the way you look at a tennis match.

Fix the Practice Court & Improve with Gameplan

The practice court is a place of mystery.

  • Should you focus more on forehands and backhands or serves and returns?
  • Is consistency the secret sauce to winning more matches?
  • How much time should you spend working on technique over tactics?
  • Where should you serve, and why?

Unfortunately, the current player development pathway in tennis, is built on too much opinion and guesswork. How do you know, as a tennis coach or player, that you're working on the RIGHT things when you go to practice?


650,000+ Points / 20 Million Data Points

The darkness of the Player Development pathway

just got illuminated with... data

GAMEPLAN is a game changer.

For the first time ever, we now have big data on little players. It's time to completely understand the match court, so we can correctly organize the practice court.

It's really that simple.

How Can You Level Up Your Tennis Game?

GAMEPLAN analyzes more than 20 million data points on both the men's and women's side of the game at the following 10 levels:

  1. Under 12
  2. Under 14
  3. Under 16
  4. Under 18
  5. College: Lines 5 & 6
  6. College: Lines 3 & 4
  7. College: Lines 1 & 2
  8. Challenger
  9. Top 100
  10. Top 10

You are somewhere along that pathway. Do you know exactly what the metrics are at your level? Do you have a plan to jump to the next level?


Craig sees the game differently. We see chaos. He sees patterns. Craig is truly changing the game - specifically by improving the quality of the practice court. We all used to think grinding was the best way to improve. He's certainly changed that! Craig has worked closely with players that I coach full-time, and I always enjoy spending time on court with him.

Brandon Wagner

Tour Coach

Tennis Improvement, Backed By Data

Welcome to a smarter way to get better at tennis.

Tennis is one of the last major sports on the planet to embrace analytics. We are fractured, with governing bodies employing a variety of data collection companies to record what actually happens in a match. Tennis is not centralized. It is not unified. This dilemma has a flow-on effect all the way down to the grassroots of our sport.

We simply have not been getting the critical information we need to improve. The bottom line is that we end guessing way too much because the metrics that really matter don't reach us. It has massively hurt the development of tennis - as we try to get better in the dark. We are essentially a global sport without a player development rudder.

This product is the first of its kind because of the unmatched amount of match analytics it contains.


The goal for GAMEPLAN is very simple, and very specific.

Improve the practice court.

Make it wayyy more efficient. Make it match-focused. Make it drill down to the things that affect winning the most. GAMEPLAN is going to change the way you coach, the way you practice, and the way you look at a tennis match.

If there are two kids practicing side by side, and one coach has access to GAMEPLAN player development data, and the other one has not - it's going to very obvious.

One court will be hitting a lot of balls without any real purpose. The other court will be dominated by patterns of play, dominated by the first four shots - dominated by real-life situations that matter the most to winning and losing.

Below are seven ways that GAMEPLAN is going to help you become a better player, coach, parent or spectator of our tennis.


It is important to note that the junior data comes from national level tournaments, primarily in the United States and Canada. These kids can play. They are not beginners. They can play - and play well. They have progressed from a city level to a state level, to a national level.

These kids are good - but not nearly as good as they think they are. You are going to see holes everywhere, especially in key areas that get comparatively little practice.

A huge thank you to my partner in this project, Warren Pretorius, and his company Tennis Analytics. Warren has done an outstanding job collecting and organizing the data for GAMEPLAN. Cheers mate!


It's normally good to start at the beginning. The beginning is an initial reference point that enables you to look backwards, later on, to see how far you have travelled.

We are not going to do that with GAMEPLAN. We are actually going to do the exact opposite.

We are going to start at the end and examine the finished product first. The finished product is the match court. Matches are what matters the most! We get to see the whole evolution of player development laid out right before our eyes.

Here's the normal order of how our sport is developed.

Old Order

  1. Practice Court. You start here and work on your game.
  2. Match Court. You see what works.

Here's the really fun part, and what GAMEPLAN is all about. We get to flip that order and flip normal coaching methods on their head.

New Order

  1. Match Court. Let's look at the metrics of our sport to understand what effects winning & losing the most.
  2. Practice Court. We use that valuable information to create a smarter, more efficient practice court.

Reversing the order of importance is a key principle of GAMEPLAN. It completely throws the focus on to the match court. Let's study the match court. Let's obsess over the match court. Let's examine the metrics it produces. Let's see what really matters to get more wins.

Practice now has a defined purpose. Practice drills are generated from matches. That's a very good thing.

Your New Coach!

Tennis strategy coach - Craig O'Shannessy

Craig O'Shannessy regularly speaks at tennis conferences & tournaments around the world as an expert analyst. He created Gameplan for players and coaches who want to more effectively improve the way they practice & play tennis.

As an ATP strategy coach, Craig has access to data that isn't available to the public. He uses this information to create these strategy products on Brain Game Tennis. After discovering this groundbreaking tennis information you'll change the way you coach, play, and practice tennis!


Junior tennis has never had been analyzed through a data lens. We have never seen metrics for boys and girls 12's, 14's, 16's and 18's, and college tennis. And because of that, we guess. A LOT! Should we do this drill or that drill? What should we focus on in 12's that will be a lot more important in 14's?

GAMEPLAN delivers with massive metrics. We need to look at the numbers to simplify the development pathway so players are improving today - and also getting ahead of the curve so they can win tomorrow.


Look at a typical one-hour junior lesson - anywhere in the world. What do coaches typically work on? What's the mantra? Here it is...

  1. consistency
  2. shot tolerance
  3. repetition
  4. one more ball

There is no denying that those elements are part of the overall plan. But they are not THE plan by any stretch of the imagination.

This is important: The vast majority of the data in GAMEPLAN comes from juniors practicing on BROKEN PRACTICE COURTS.

This is critical to understand. The data comes from a massive amount of groundstroke practice and very little serve, return and volley practice. Kids all over the world hit groundstrokes cross court ALL.THE.TIME. When do they practice second serve returns? When do they practice Serve +1 forehand combinations? Don't worry - we are going to fix that problem!


Where does the opportunity exist to learn from the numbers?

Well, basically everywhere.

The numbers are going to teach us where we need to spend more time on the practice court.

When I look at the numbers and percentages from matches, I look for flags - red flags and green flags. In my mind, when I see something bad, that's a red flag. A problem exists that needs fixing. A green flag is some great data. Keep improving that specific area, because it's probably the reason you are winning matches.


Is it too simplistic to say that we are trying to find just a point here and a point there from the data in GAMEPLAN to drive improvement, and make a real impact in the win column?

No. That's exactly how it works!

Imagine going and playing a set where you get ONE "free point". What that means is that you don't have to actually play the point - you just tell your opponent you are using your free point right now, and the point is yours. Let's say your opponent is serving at 3-4, 30-40. What a great time to use it! Will that one point have a big impact on who wins the set? Oh, yes it will.

That's exactly how we will be "manipulating" the data. We are looking for red flags and green flags to pinpoint key areas. If you spend more time on the practice court improving those specific areas, you will win more matches. Period.


As you progress through GAMEPLAN, you are going uncover statistical nuggets of gold. You are going to want to add more return work, add more serve work, add more proficiency at the net, add more run-around forehands.

But it is not really "adding" from a time perspective. You can't add more time to your day. You are not going to turn your normal one-hour private lesson into a 90-minute lesson just because you have uncovered some gold nuggets you need to work on.

Something has to give.

You are going to have to prioritize your time differently. Less time grinding. Less mindless, endless cross court groundstrokes. More Return +1 patterns. More 2nd second serves returns crushed right down the middle of the court. That one-hour private lesson, or the two-hour group lesson is going to look very different very soon.

Welcome to GAMEPLAN. Welcome to a data driven Development Pathway! 💡👌

What's Included?

  • Access to all 15 lessons from the best tennis strategy coach in the world. Both written & video content, including statistical analysis and tables that prove the ideas behind the course.
  • Full insider analysis of a US Open men’s singles match (you can’t find this data anywhere else).
  • Clear and simple action items at the end of every lesson, so you actually implement the strategies you’ll be learning.
  • Lifetime access to Gameplan!
  • Free access to all future updates of Gameplan.

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