Webinar 38: Aggressive Returns

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  • You have coughed up a short ball, and your opponent is coming into the net. Is it best to pass cross court or down the line? 
  • Is hitting the pass right at the opponent a valid option (yes it is), and why?
  • VIDEO: Study video of the best players in the world picking the correct option to pass down the line or cross court based on their position and what the net player is giving them.
  • VIDEO: The match footage will be paused right before the passing shot is struck. You make the call on what is the right option, and then compare your answer to what the player chose.
  • One specific passing shot excels in incorporating the net as another weapon. Which one is it?
  • Net players typically win two out of three points at net. Learn how to read their body to pass them and lower their effectiveness at the front of the court.
  • DRILLS: Learn what you should focus on the practice court to improve your passing shots in a match.
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