Webinar 46: 8 Ways To Force An Error

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  • Tennis is 70% errors and 30% winners. Your end-game is squarely focused on making your opponent uncomfortable and forcing them into making a mistake. This is the blueprint for how to do it. 
  • The 8 ways to force an error are consistency, direction, depth, height, spin, power, court position, and time. Learn which ones matter more at the start of a point.
  • There is a good chance that you are utilizing less than half of these elements to extract errors from your opponents. Let's expand your game to have more weapons to use in competition.
  • VIDEO: See how the best players in the world layer more than one layer in a point to extract errors from opponents.
  • VIDEO: The goal is to have three of these elements working at the same time. For example, hitting a shot that features depth, height and spin. Once you have three layers working at once, an error is almost always coming. 
  • All eight of these strategy elements are important, but one is the diamond. One of them should take up more of your focus and time on the practice court.
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