Women’s College Tennis

Bring it, ladies!

123,733 points to learn from.

There is a lot going well in women’s college tennis, and a few areas for improvement…

I am such a fan of college tennis – both on the women’s and men’s side. I love going to the NCAA Championships each year – especially to see the Round of 16, which I think is one of the Top 10 days of tennis anywhere on the planet. The atmosphere at Georgia is simply amazing, and in recent years I have also ventured to Waco, Tulsa, Stanford, and College Station to see the end of season action. I look forward to seeing everyone in Tulsa this year!

I greatly enjoy coaching young ladies who compete in college tennis. In a lot of ways, the improvement can be accelerated faster than with the men because there are more ways to separate yourself. What I am really saying is that if you can venture slightly out of your comfort zone, put the opponent first, believe in the net, develop a better serve and a deeper return, then you can do really, really well in college tennis.

Let’s take a look at some amazing data, and shatter a few myths along the way…

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