#17 Run Around Forehand

 The 3 Monster Advantages of the Run Around Forehand 

 1. Upgrade

For the men, forehands account for around 85% of all baseline winners on the pro tour. Backhands only account for 15% and there are some incredibly good backhands out there. Hit forehands – it’s what’s for breakfast!

2. Double

It’s hard to take a neutral backhand down the line and hurt your opponent. But run around that backhand and turn it into a forehand and shazam – now you can! You just doubled your target area – cross court and down the line!

3. Freeze

The open stance of a run around forehand makes it impossible to predict where the ball is going until it comes off the strings. This completely robs any anticipation from your opponent and freezes them until they see where the ball is going.

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