Webinar 4 - Return Strategy: Patterns, Percentages & Drills

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Webinar 4 Highlights 

  • Learn & implement the world's best return footwork from Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal & Carlos Alcaraz.
  • Understand return statistics to set benchmarks for your return performance in matches.
  • Eleven videos to clearly see the best patterns and targets when returning serve.
  • How to best attack 2nd serves with your mentality, feet and backswing.
  • How to take time away from the server with offensive returns, and also how to block & stay in the point.
  • 1st Serve Returns - the right footwork & positioning & mentality to get yourself into the point.
  • 2nd Serve Returns - the right way to attack, and the best targets vs. right-handers & left-handers.
  • Know the right strategy standing up and standing way back to return serve to start the point.
  • Learn the eight serve locations and the eight serve factors.
  • The smart strategy to counter a deep returner.
  • Why it's best to return deep middle and immediately attack the forehand backswing.
  • How far inside the baseline should you be to attack 2nd serve to take the server's time away?
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  • The detailed video time code of when things happened in the webinar is at the bottom of the page.

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Welcome To The World's Best Tennis Strategy

Craig O'Shannessy is widely recognized as the world leader in researching and teaching tennis strategy. Craig has coached tennis at all levels of the game for the past 35 years. He has been the official strategy analyst for two Grand Slam events (Wimbledon & Australian Open) as well as having worked with Novak Djokovic for three years (2017-19), helping guide the Serb back to No. 1 in the world while winning four Grand Slam titles. Craig has also been the strategy analyst for the ATP Tour for a decade, analyzing the best players on the biggest stage in our sport.

Craig brings all of that experience to these educational webinars, using winning percentages to teach the best patterns of play when serving, returning, rallying, and approaching.

Tennis Channel feature: Craig O'Shannessy Moneyball In Tennis

Webinar 4 Video Breakdown

1:54 2021 US Open 1st & 2nd serves returned. 

3:53 2021 US Open return games won.

4:31 The point starts in 4 ways.

5:05 What you are trying to do is win > 50% in three areas,

5:30 Novak Djokovic Wimbledon 2022. 57% 2nd serve return points won.

7:35 Alexei Popyrin 2022 pre-season focus = return of serve.

9:15 VIDEO Alexei Popyrin return of serve fundamentals

11:38 VIDEO Alexei Popyrin 2nd serve return fundamentals & targets

14:28 - VIDEO Alexei Popyrin practice interview 1

16:35 VIDEO Alexei Popyrin practice interview 2

19:04 Novak Djokovic 2018 footwork on return of serve.

21:41 VIDEO Novak Djokovic 1st serve return footwork

23:47 VIDEO Novak Djokovic 2nd serve return footwork

27:05 VIDEO Rafael Nadal 2022 Australian Open return practice.

30:04 2015 Wimbledon Dustin Brown def. Rafael Nadal return positioning

33:00 VIDEO 2015 Wimbledon Dustin Brown v Rafael Nadal return strategy

38:17 Return Position. Stand up or back - 2022 Rome Rd 16 Matches

43:01 2021 Rome: Rafael Nadal return practice.

44:23 How do you counter a deep returner?

45:28 2019 US Open Nadal d Medvedev serve & volley analysis.

46:19 2021 ATP Cup. Medvedev Return Location.

46:43 2022 Miami Final. Alcaraz serve & volley v Casper Ruud.

48:30 2022 Miami. Kyrgios 2nd serve return position v Rublev.

50:25 VIDEO 2022 Alexei Popyrin return approach practice (Marbella, Spain).

53:41 Eight ways to force an error.

54:22 Miami 2022 Hawk-Eye return direction analysis.

56:00 Miami 2022 Cerundolo d Tiafoe return analysis.

56:28 Indian Wells 2022 Nadal d Kyrgios return analysis.

56:54 Indian Wells 2022 Nadal d Alcaraz return analysis.

57:17 Alexei Popyrin B-A combination.

59:36 VIDEO Alexei Popyrin B-A return combination.

1:01:21  Lulu Sun - College tennis, University of Texas.

1:01:49  VIDEO Lulu Sun return patterns.

1:05:58  2015 Australian Open. The Mode (most common rally length).

1:08:27  2019 Tennis Congress. 14 sets analysis.

1:09:38  Under 12 First Four Shots breakdown.

1:10:20  Return drill. Focus on depth.

1:14:29  Progression drill developing returns.

1:16:00 Progression 1. Two shots.

1:17:19 Progression 2. Three shots.

1:18:02 Progression 3. Four shots.

1:20:01  Progression 4. Four shots.

1:20:28 Progression 5. Play it out.

1:21:08  Question and answer.

1:32:17 The end.