Webinar 20: Own The Front &  Cover The Lob

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  • VIDEO: Anticipation. How early should you go to successfully poach in the middle of the court?
  • VIDEO: How to cover the alley just with your shoulders.
  • VIDEO: What's the best direction to hit winning volleys?
  • VIDEO: Teamwork. How to stagger correctly to assign the front & back of the court.
  • Technique: Why you should always start with split steps.
  • Percentages: Are most winners in doubles still hit at the net?
  • Strategy: The right time to hit short angle volleys.
  • Strategy: How to draw the ball to yourself without moving.
  • Formations: The benefits of traditional, I formation, and Australian.
  • Strategy: How to win the point without touching the ball.


  • VIDEO: See the best teams in the world correctly position to stop the lob bouncing.
  • VIDEO: Which player covers short vs. deep lobs?
  • Overheads. You want to finish with overheads. How to get more in a match.
  • Strategy: The right time to take the lob out of the air vs. letting it bounce and lobbing back.
  • Positioning: Where should the server's partner stand to visually remove the lob?
  • Movement: The right footwork to quickly move back and get into position.
  • Strategy: How to see the lob is likely before the opponent hits it.
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