2019 Tennis Channel Feature: Moneyball In Tennis

The Tennis Channel did a special feature on the work Craig does in tennis, bringing Moneyball analytics to our sport. Where did it all start? Right here with the 25 Golden Rules of Singles Strategy!


To understand the Golden Rules you must first understand these 3 key concepts.

 1. Winners & Errors 

Tennis is a game of errors. Lots and lots and lots and lots of errors.

This is the number one statistic in tennis!

There are two basic ways a point can end in tennis – a winner and an error. I want you to basically put aside the idea of an unforced error as it is an extremely judgmental and flawed statistic gathered by volunteers at tournaments. Almost every shot has some kind of pressure to it so it’s best to focus just on winners and errors.

It’s amazing how these numbers are not ingrained into our brains and completely dictate how we watch, play and coach the sport.

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