Webinar 50: Position D Mastery

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  • Position D is out wide to the backhand corner for a right-handed player. This is where the vast majority of backhand winners and errors are struck.
  • Most opponents automatically get to work attacking Position D at the start of the match. It's all about seeing how strong the backhand is out wide. Learn the best place to defend out of this corner.
  • VIDEO: Watch the best players in the world defend out of Position D with their "shield."
  • VIDEO: Position D is also a place to attack from - both cross court and down the line with backhands.
  • VIDEO: Position D is also an excellent place to upgrade to the "sword" and hit aggressive forehands inside-in and inside-out. 
  • Position D is all about having the right mentality. Knowing when to defend to extend the point, and when to attack to take the initiative in the point. 
  • Learn all the analytics that matter out of Position D for forehands and backhands.
  • This location has more errors than anywhere else on the court, because of the combination of forehands and backhands. You will improve a lot as a player knowing how to Play Position D the right way.
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