Webinar 31: 2023 Wimbledon Final Alcaraz v Djokovic Analysis

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  • Learn about the many momentum shifts that led to Alcaraz ultimately gaining the upper hand in the match.
  • Identify the primary patterns of play each player was trying to employ - and how to copy and paste these strategies into your own game.
  • Go through the 11-page Match Intelligence Report to understand the key statistics where each player dominated. Create personalized drills to make them a strength of your game as well. 
  • Alcaraz hit more winners than Djokovic with forehands, backhands, serves, at the net, and also returning serve. Examine the patterns that eventually gave Alcaraz the edge in the match.
  • VIDEO: Watch slow-motion breakdowns of key strategic match-ups such as run-around forehands, approach and volley, as well as the right time to play behind or attack the open court.
  • Learn why forehand errors in the 0-4 shot rally length were the No. 1 error for the match. This is definitely an opportunity to replicate for your own game. 
  • Learn how point score is directly related to employing primary or secondary patterns of play.
  • See how attacking Position A at the baseline was well rewarded for both players.
  • Study the two best players in the world on the biggest stage to learn the inner workings of their game as well as improving your own game at the same time.
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