Webinar 25 - Anticipation & Positioning

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  • The main reason players struggle to make anticipation a strength of their game is that they don't really know what to look for.
  • Slow motion and frame-by-frame video slows time down so you can identify different elements from your opponent that are the "tip-offs" for where the ball will come back.
  • Improve your anticipation with baseline shots and also coming forward with approach and volley.
  • Positioning is all about visually shrinking the area of the court your opponent wants to hit the ball and expanding the area where they don't want to hit the ball - or offers a much lower win percentage.
  • Anticipation is all about getting a "heads up" on where you want to be for the next shot. You will learn how to read the body, the grip, the angle of the racquet, and the balance of your opponent.
  • The old way to organize positioning was all about "recovering" back to the middle of the court. You will see that that is extremely inefficient and that by staying more cross court you will get to more balls, with better balance hitting them, and also entice your opponent to go for low percentage options.
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