Webinar 30 Volley & Overhead Technique

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  • Unfortunately, volley and overhead technique is often neglected on practice courts and in private and group lessons all over the world. As a sport, we are less proficient at the net than we were 20-30 years ago.
  • Volley technique starts with the right grip = continental. Learn how to find it and how to "click" it back into position between volleys. It's going to slip a little, so we need to constantly adjust it.
  • It's much better to think "catch" on the volley than "punch" the volley to improve your technique.
  • The use of the opposite hand is critical on volleys. Learn the five things that the opposite hand does to fine-tune volley technique to make this shot cleaner and simpler.
  • Learn the right mentality and targets to have with volleys. Sometimes you are on defense, sometimes on offense. Improve your technique and play the percentages.
  • Overheads are a vital component of being confident at the net. The overhead is all about "interior" footwork and early preparation.
  • Learn to prepare early on the overhead and use the wrist correctly in conjunction with the arm. Think of a basketball free-throw as well as a throwing motion.
  • "Catching" the volley with the right grip presents the ideal angle of the strings to the ball. It takes away the scooping motion, especially on low volleys.
  • Learn extreme grips for tough volleys that are low and wide.
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