A Million Points Of College Tennis

Craig O'Shannessy (Brain Game Tennis) and Warren Pretorius (Tennis Analytics) joined forces to deliver something brand new to the tennis landscape - A Million Points Of College Tennis.

College tennis in the United States is a hotbed of emerging talent from all over the world. There are more than 1100 women's programs and 950 men's programs in five different divisions in the 2019/20 season.

Programs from all levels send match videos to Tennis Analytics to be "tagged" so a match report is compiled and the match footage can be watched by the coaches and players. From 2015-2020 Tennis Analytics tagged 1,110,119 points of play, which have been pooled together to create this course. That's enough match tagging to analyze every single match in 50 Grand Slam tournaments!

This robust course is an absolute "must-have" if you fall into one of the following six categories.

1: Junior Players Aged 12-18

You are young. You are ambitious, and you want to maximize your talent and be the player you can possibly be. College tennis is an ideal place to develop your game between 18-22. This course is literally your blueprint to succeed in college tennis. You will know in advance what areas of your game need extra work as you progress through junior tennis in Madrid, Melbourne, Milwaukee or Moscow. Playing college tennis is a dream come true. This course connects the dots with all the key strategies at this specific level.

2: Parents 

You quarterback the operation. Private lessons. Group lessons. Tournaments. Travel. Racquets. Restrings... You control the preparation and then sit back and watch the matches. You are "all in" to help your child's dream of playing college tennis. This course is the blueprint you are trying to reach.

3. Junior Coach

Your job is to develop technique. A lot of your work is focused on grips, swing paths, footwork, balance, and timing. You also need to nurture passion and build confidence. If everything comes together, the talented junior you invested so much time in will reach the promised land of college tennis and have an amazing four years competing for their school.

4. College Coach

A Million Points Of College Tennis is literally your wheelhouse. You want to develop net play, but your players have a hard time "buying in" to the strategy. You want more Serve +1 forehands from your players, but they seem to love their Serve +1 backhand. You need the facts. You need evidence that these things work and will make your players better. Welcome to a smarter way.

5. College Players

This data is literally all about YOU! It's your serves, returns, groundstrokes and approaches to the net. It's your first serve win percentage in the Deuce court when you serve out wide - which is not enough! A Million Points Of College Tennis is your tennis DNA. It's your level. And it's also your roadmap to improving your game.

6. Tennis Enthusiast

You love tennis. You may coach some. You probably still play a lot. You follow the tour and you follow the trends. You want to know where tennis is now, and where it's headed. This course helps you identify what matters most at this level, which increases your tennis knowledge. Everyone's a winner!

Course Details

The "star" of this course is the data. Innovative data points you may never have considered before, and new data that simply has not existed at the collegiate level. Here's some of the course headings.

Match Winners vs. Match Losers

This is a new, intelligent way to look at tennis data. Slice it right down the middle and pool together all the match data from match winners and compare it to match losers. Sometimes you find there is not that match difference at all. In many cases you uncover data points that are spread way apart, signaling this specific metric plays an important role in the final outcome.

Comparision To The 2019 US Open

Where applicable, data from the collegiate matches will be stacked up against pro data from the 2019 US Open. The goal here is to create points of reference when stepping up to the top tier in our sport.

Each chapter in this course covers the analytics from a specific element of the match. Here are the course chapters:

  • Total Points Won/Lost
  • Net Points Won/Lost
  • Total Net Points Played 
  • 1st Serve Percentage
  • 1st Serve Points Won
  • 1st Serves Deuce Ct
  • 1st Serves Ad Ct
  • 2nd Serve Points Won
  • 2nd Serves Deuce Ct
  • 2nd Serves Ad Ct
  • Deuce Ct Aces
  • Ad Ct Aces
  • Double Faults/2nd Serves Lost
  • Deuce Ct Double Faults
  • Ad Ct Double Faults
  • Serving Deuce & Ad Combined
  • Return Errors
  • Return Errors - Deuce Ct 
  • Return Errors - Ad Ct
  • Return Errors vs. 1st Serves
  • Return Errors vs. 2nd Serves
  • Return Winners
  • 1st Serve Returns Deuce Ct
  • 2nd Serve Returns Deuce Ct
  • 1st Serve Returns Ad Ct
  • 2nd Serve Returns Ad Ct
  • Serve +1 FH/BH
  • Serve +1 Winners
  • Serve +1 Errors
  • Serve +1: 3 Outcomes
  • Return +1 FH/BH
  • Return +1 Winners
  • Return +1 Errors
  • Return +1: 3 Outcomes

  • A Million Points Of College Tennis

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Craig has helped raise my awareness of the game of tennis by making complicated statistics simple to understand and use with the players I am working with.
Former pro tennis player Magnus Norman

Magnus Norman

Former No. 2 Player In The World
Brain Game Tennis - what an exciting concept! I am so pleased you have decided to move in this direction. From Day 1, I have been a great admirer and proponent of your work. What you do and how you do it so very important to our profession and to the game itself. You have been “right on” from the start! The platform Brain Game Tennis affords to coaches, players and even simply friends of tennis such a valuable resource for an easy exchange of ideas! Keep up the incredible work.

Dick Gould

Former Stanford Head Coach - 17 National Championships