Craig has an immense love, passion, and devotion to the sport. He is a coach and an analyst and what he does, he does very well. He is devoted to that. He sees the game from every detail and different perspectives that are important for all of us players to take into consideration.

Novak Djokovic

World No. 1 Player - 17 Grand Slams

Andy Murray

Former World No. 1 - 3x Grand Slam Winner
What happens in matches, and what the numbers say, can often be very different. This is where Craig's work proves invaluable. Patterns and percentages are not always obvious but Craig is excellent at distilling and communicating the information.

Former pro tennis player Magnus Norman

Magnus Norman

Former No. 2 Ranked Player In The World
Craig has helped raise my awareness of the game of tennis by making complicated statistics simple to understand and use with the players I am working with.

Jan-Lennard Struff

Top 30 ATP Pro
Craig is an inspiring person. His commitment to analyzing every small detail of your game and opponents is amazing. He has a very positive attitude and I really love his day-to-day energy. He helped me to become clearer with my own game style and I really appreciate his communication and the work we have done.
We greatly enjoyed using Craig's match analysis for the Argentinian Davis Cup team in 2019, where we progressed to the quarter-finals. Craig's work helped us to better understand opponent tendencies and also show our players where they succeed on the court. Craig keeps it simple while delivering the information that gave our team the edge we were looking for.

Gaston Gaudio

Former No. 5 - Argentinian Davis Cup Coach

Carsten Arriens

Coach of Jan-Lennard Struff. Former German Davis Cup Coach
I first met Craig at the 2013 US Open. At that time I was the German Davis Cup Captain. I remember we had coffee and Craig explained his perspective (research, statistics, insights) to improve practice and matches. At that time it was the missing link! We as coaches tend to go too much with our "feelings" & our "coaches intuition". In my case, I was often not sure if my perception was right. Through close work with Craig over the years, this gap closed more & more. With his insights and feedback, I developed more clarity in the way of seeing the game. What I always found special was the inspiring way Craig communicates the insights to players. He is a pioneer in our game, passionate, sincere, and a professional business partner.
Brain Game Tennis is a vital part of my success as a player development coach. My players have a specific plan and layers of information for each phase of a point. Brain Game Tennis has helped me to coach two No.1 ranked ITF juniors and 13 US players who were either ranked No. 1 or won a national championship.

Mike Gennette

USTA Player Development Coach Of The Year

Brain Game Tennis - what an exciting concept! I am so pleased you have decided to move in this direction. From Day 1, I have been a great admirer and proponent of your work. What you do and how you do it so very important to our profession and to the game itself. You have been “right on” from the start! The platform Brain Game Tennis affords to coaches, players and even simply friends of tennis such a valuable resource for an easy exchange of ideas! Keep up the incredible work.

Dick Gould

Former Stanford Head Coach - 17 National Championships

Dennis Dobrin

Dentist / 40+ USTA League Player / Part-Time High School Coach
I’ve been a tennis player & fan my whole life. I randomly found one of Craig’s videos on YouTube. It blew me away that I really didn’t know the sport that I’ve played & watched for so long. His analytics opened my eyes to things I had never seen or thought about before; not only watching professional tennis but for my own game as well. It has changed how I practice & I have a whole new mindset when I compete. It’s really made it fun again, thanks so much, Craig!

Craig’s work with has created a worldwide language of comprehension and comparison to the game of tennis. It has allowed for a once “feel” and subjective sport to have universal clarity and scientific specificity. I first was introduced to Craig 6 years ago when my daughter, Ellyse Hamlin was visiting a friend he was coaching at the time. They did some training sessions and video work together. I contacted him to get his thoughts on Ellyse’s game and he shared his philosophy and passion for data and patterns. I wasn’t a great player growing up, but I understand science and math. Numbers and statistics make sense to me. I began to follow Craig’s work closely and I was one of the first to subscribe to his website and work. We’ve stayed in touch regularly over the years. Craig’s advancements and organization of analytics helped my daughter reach the number 1 ranking in the US in both singles and doubles. Braingametennis has been instrumental in how I run the High-Performance Program at Intensity Tennis Academy in Connecticut. We use video and technology as much as any program in the country and Craig’s views and teaching are a large part of both the inspiration and the information behind that. Craig’s work has been absolutely influential in my career and the success of our program and players. I consider him a true pioneer in our sport.
Tennis coach Ryan Ginley

Ryan Ginley

Snr. Director of High Performance - Intensity Tennis Academy
  • Stephen Huss

  • 2005 Wimbledon Doubles Champion (with Wesley Moodie).

  • Career High ATP Doubles Ranking No. 21.

  • Current Coach of American, Caroline Dolehide.

Stephen Huss - "The data that Craig and his website provide is such a valuable tool for me as a coach to utilize and implement. Hard facts are so much better than beliefs, or what you think your eye sees in real motion."

Q: How has the new analytics affected your coaching?

A: It has definitely had an impact on the way I do things. With more factual data comes more knowledge and understanding; which is then passed along to the practice court and the players that I work with.

Q: Has your practice court changed?

A: I put more emphasis on the Serve/Return +1 than I did before, which comes from the information detailing that the majority of points come in the 1-4 shot range. I use the information on net play to encourage my players to improve their skills and use the net as a form of pressure. The 2nd serve data was something I was confident I already knew but it supports the time I put into it. There are numerous other examples of how I have adapted my practice court.

Q: How have you seen the new data incorporated by your players?

A: For me, it has been using the data as hard facts to convince my players how important the work we are doing is. Now I can show them percentages of what the very top players are achieving and have them aspire to get there and beyond. It is about the players using the information to see where improvements are necessary. Helps tremendously with goals and making improvements measurable. Now the dartfish data I am gathering on my own players can be compared to Craig's data from the very top players.

Q: Have you seen a steeper improvement curve?

Something like this is subjective and hard to measure but I do know that any way to improve the quality and engagement of practice means that improvement will go faster. Craig's data helps me as a coach achieve this.

Q: How has your mind changed with how you view the sport?

A: Not much has changed actually. I have always enjoyed using analytics, stats, and video as a way to improve as a coach, and to evaluate and inspire my players. Craig and his website provide terrific information and shortcuts to do this. As a coach, I need to be mindful of the trends and sometimes follow, or get ahead of where the game is going, because it is always getting better.

Thank you, Craig, keep that data coming!

I write about tennis and I play tennis. In both those areas, Craig's information is incredibly valuable. Amid all the folklore about how matches are won and lost, his work offers genuine data and insight in a way that's clear, creative, useful and engaging. I always welcome Craig's thoughts on any aspect of the game. From technique to tactics, the mental and the physical, players past and current, he truly provides a 360 degree understanding of our wonderful sport.
Tennis Channel writer Joel Drucker

Joel Drucker

Tennis Channe writer & historian-at-large, International Tennis Hall of Fame
All players and coaches on the Pro Tour know that Craig is without doubt one of the leading experts in video/data analysis. I have certainly used his valuable information in my coaching and continue to do so. What i like best about his information is the simplicity and ease at being able to implement the information into helping my players become better tennis players on tour.
Tennis coach Joshua Eagle

Josh Eagle

Tour Coach

Count me in with the ranks of O'Shannessy groupies. Your brilliant insights -- and crisp, no-nonsense way of presenting them-- have helped me unlock a whole new level of tennis. While I still love nothing more than grinding it out at the baseline for fun, you helped me realize I shouldn't waste precious hours of practice time doing it. Now I bring laser-focused attention to serve and return of serve in every practice - and I'm becoming a stronger and more confident competitor as a result. Can't thank you enough for all you do and for all the passion you bring to helping fanatics like me improve!
Director of Tennis Congress PJ Simmons

PJ Simmons

Director - Tennis Congress
Craig sees the game differently. We see chaos. He sees patterns. I have worked closely with him for the past 15 years and have witnessed first-hand how his global influence in our sport has grown. Craig is truly changing the game - specifically by improving the quality of the practice court. We all used to think grinding was the best way to improve. The First 4 Shots certainly changed that! Craig has worked closely with players that I coach full-time, and I always enjoy spending time on court with him.

Brandon Wagner

University of Texas Men's Asst Coach

I have known Craig for more than 15 years and I love his passion to go deeper into our great game and help simplify patterns of play through available data. As more data becomes available, Craig is able to demonstrate to players of all levels different ways to quickly improve their results by focusing on the areas that matter most. Craig has a brilliant way of keeping things simple and my players have benefited greatly from his presentations throughout the years.

Chris Young

Oklahoma State Women's Coach
I feel like what you offer is on such a deeper level than just percentages and patterns. You make the game simplistic and get us coaches to understand what are the best options for our players when conducting a point at any stage of a match. The info you provide makes things so obvious for our players that there is no area for questioning. It’s all right there slapping them in the face!

Brett Masi

USC Men's Coach
Craig’s analysis is amazing. He has sorted through all the data and has given us only the most important metrics that we can easily put to use. I have utilized just about every concept from the BrainGameTennis website with my team. At the beginning of each week, I conduct a “GamePlan” session with my team. Using analytics from my team’s recent matches, I apply the concepts from the BrainGame website into a specific lesson, and teach my players in a classroom setting how to use this information to our advantage. Then we go on the court and practice exactly what we just covered. I can tell our players are getting smarter and the results are definitely paying off in our matches.
Air Force Tennis Coach Dan Oosterhous

Dan Oosterhous

Air Force Academy - Head Men's Coach
The first time I interacted with Craig was when I was a student athlete at UVA. He gave our team a brilliant presentation, which really opened our eyes and our minds to how much more we could be improving by just paying more attention to important details. Craig is undoubtedly one of the sharpest tennis minds out there and his simple theories through observations of whats really happening will definitely intrigue every tennis lover out there, regardless of their level. Most importantly, I’ve always seen Craig as an avid student of the game, something which all of us should be if we truly love this beautiful game.

Somdev Devvarman

2x NCAA Champion / ATP No. 62
Craig has been able to bring our software use to new heights in the world of stats. By extracting the invisible, he gives a clear vision to many coaches, players and fans.

Victor Berganzoli

Dartfish Co-Founder
Craig's tennis strategy sessions and clinics have changed the way I develop players and teams. Players that train in my programs at Paragon 5 Star Tennis Academy and the local High School (James Monroe in Fredericksburg) are winning more after just one year, which is helping them being be recruited to college programs. Our program has become one of the top programs in our local area and the Mid Atlantic section. Our tennis IQ is the key. Thanks Craig for growing my knowledge and our players.
George Christoforatos from Paragon 5 Star Tennis Academy

George Christoforatos

Director - Paragon 5 Star Tennis Academy
Thanks to Craig I’ve worked at tennis to get my game and coaching to a new level of understanding, performance and achievement. I’ve changed my practice routines and my thought process. It’s like a light goes on and the complexity of tennis simplifies and objectives become clear. After a player develops the basic skills of tennis, it’s not until one fully embraces the significance of the First Four Shots that we can contemplate opening up new modalities in our sport. Thanks Craig!
Tennis Coach Stephen Chertok

Stephen Chertok

I know Craig from my time coaching on tour. I now work at the German Sports University Cologne, where Craig came to speak to our students and German tennis experts. Our students were greatly impressed! We find his numbers and influence in the written exams, and also when we hear students talk about modern tennis. He helped change their minds about our sport. Thanks for that!

Ralph Grambow

Instructor - German Sports University Cologne
Craig delivers a refreshing new perspective for players at all levels. As a former Top 40 player, Craig greatly simplified the court for me. The numbers don’t lie! The numbers are not emotional, which most players are in the heat of competition. The stats, analysis and precise game plans gave me a clear goal to execute. Craig’s approach and data pushes tennis forward to new heights. I strongly feel that Craig has brought a much needed change to our game. I am a fan and believer forever!
Pro womens tennis player Melinda Czink

Melinda Czink

WTA - Career Best No. 37
I have worked with Craig at several tournaments to develop the right strategy for specific matches. It gave me a huge boost of confidence knowing what to expect from my opponent, especially in key situations. My own game style becomes much clearer, as did the right way how to break down my opponent.

Varvara Lepchenko

WTA Player - Career Best No. 19
Having Craig come over and speak to our team was a great opportunity for them to learn more about what to do in between the points. The knowledge and expertise that Craig brought to their attention was by far the best investment that we have made. As a coach, his information and analysis has made me understand the importance of the tactics in a match and how to use the match data to prepare future practices. We look forward to having him again sometime in the future.
women's tennis coach at Iowa State

Armando Espinosa

Women's Coach - Iowa State University
I have known Craig for over 30 years. He is in my opinion the number one strategy expert on this planet. My coaching has dramatically improved and been more effective using “Brain Game”. His guidance can be implemented at every level of play. I have successfully applied his concepts on a club level as well as on the ATP tour. Working together on center court Wimbledon we were able to guide Dustin Brown in defeating Rafael Nadal. I would personally recommend Craig to anyone who takes his profession seriously.

Scott Wittenberg

Pro Tour Coach
Bob Litwin
  • Bob Litwin

  • Former #1 in the World 55 and over.

  • 19 USTA National Championships.

  • 8 time Sr. Davis Cup player.

  • Business and sports performance coach.

I want to share with you my huge takeaway from your presentation at the 2017 Tennis Congress. My level of tennis has gone up a lot! It’s hard to quantify, but I can definitely say that I feel freer on the court than ever before.
It has to do with finally understanding something that I always knew and would even express to people - that we lose nearly 50% of the points in many of our matches. I had my own distortion that I was winning a much higher percentage. (I did win double golden matches in my first matches in the 50s, 55s, and 65s. After that, I made it a ridiculous goal for other first matches in age groups… and by the way, it was me just not making one error, not playing my normal game).
As I processed what you were saying at Congress, I saw the benefit in understanding how many actual points I was losing, even on very good days. I had always talked with students about bringing one’s very best focus and commitment to the 100-150 points mom a match. I knew how many points, on average, I was playing, but I never considered the freedom that I would feel knowing that I could take risks (of losing the point) when I was losing so many points anyhow. 
So this led me, after Tennis Congress, to take away my righty opponents’ wide serves to my lefty backhand on the Deuce side. I typically didn’t miss backhand returns, but probably lost the point 80% of the time anyway. It made it pretty tough to break serve against players who were my toughest opponents. It didn’t matter against lesser players, so I was convinced to keep just slicing backhand returns.
Knowing that I was losing “x" number of points in that situation and others has led to me laughing more than ever about errors, and to take lots of chances that I never took before. Coming in more. Stepping around more backhands, short approach shots, etc.  
So thank you for opening my brain up. I look forward to the 70s this year with this new toy that has infused lots of excitement on the court.
I am also working on the Serve +1 and Return +1. Going up the middle to my opponent’s backhand hip too. Challenging for me on the fast hard courts at altitude against the 45 and 50-year-old practice partners who often have me under attack right off my serve or return, but I will keep doing it and watch how it turns into lots of easy fast points won in the 70s.