Craig has an immense love, passion, and devotion to the sport. He is a coach and an analyst and what he does, he does very well. He is devoted to that. He sees the game from every detail and different perspectives that are important for all of us players to take into consideration.

Novak Djokovic

World No. 1 Player - 24 Grand Slams

Andy Murray

Former World No. 1 - 3x Grand Slam Winner
What happens in matches, and what the numbers say, can often be very different. This is where Craig's work proves invaluable. Patterns and percentages are not always obvious but Craig is excellent at distilling and communicating the information.
Craig is an inspiring person. His commitment to analyzing every small detail of your game and opponents is amazing. He has a very positive attitude and I really love his day-to-day energy. He helped me to become clearer with my own game style and I really appreciate his communication and the work we have done.

Jan-Lennard Struff

Top 30 ATP Player
Tennis coach Joshua Eagle

Josh Eagle

ATP/WTA Tour Coach
All players and coaches on the Pro Tour know that Craig is, without doubt one of the leading experts in video/data analysis. I have certainly used his valuable information in my coaching and continue to do so. What i like best about his information is the simplicity and ease at implementing the information to help my players become better tennis players on tour.

Welcome to solving the problem of Getting Tight. Make the mental & emotional aspects of tennis a strength of your game. Enjoy a 27 chapter video course & 325 "mini-lessons."

first 4 shots tennis course

This revolutionary course uncovers that points in tennis are a lot shorter than we ever realized, AND winning the shorter points gives you the greatest chance to win matches.

Dirtballer clay court tennis course

Consistency, patience, shot tolerance, grinding, and suffering... This has been clay court tennis for years. Not. Any. More. Dirtballer is the new reality of clay court tennis.

short ball hunter tennis course

The world says you can't approach the net anymore. Wrong! This course is all about learning the right way to come forward to feast on the higher win percentages the net offers.

numbers course for baseliners

This singles course is for baseliners who want to develop a smarter groundstroke strategy based on proven patterns and winning match data from the Australian Open.

25 GR singles strategy course

Singles players will learn the highest percentage patterns of play when serving, returning, rallying and finishing at the net, broken down into 25 simple lessons.

gameplan - tennis development course

This course is all about the Player Development Pathway, incorporating over 700K points from Under 12, 14, 16 & 18 matches as well as college tennis and the pro tour.

25 GR doubles strategy course

Confidently start making the right decision in specific situations when serving, returning, and uncovering the most important location on a doubles court - the Center Window.

between the points - mental tennis course

How do we control the voices in our head? What's the best between point routine? These questions & more are answered in this mental/emotional training course.

doubles numbers tennis course

This is a deep dive into doubles analytics that simply doesn't exist anywhere else. For example, more players are staying back in doubles, but right at 80% of winners are still struck at the net.

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Moneyball in Tennis. Watch the Tennis Channel Exclusive Below.

Craig works at the elite level of our sport & passes that expert knowledge on to you.

Team Djokovic

Craig O'Shannessy with Novak Djokovic

Craig is a strategy analyst for Team Novak Djokovic. He works with the world #1 to review matches, and game plan for opponents in every tournament.

Wimbledon Analyst

Boris Becker speaking with Craig O'Shannessy at Wimbledon

Craig is the tournament analyst for Live@Wimbledon, breaking down the biggest matches at the world's most prestigious tournament. Craig showcases the patterns of play and winning percentages that dominate our sport.

Italian Federation

Italian Tennis Federation team with Craig

Craig is the official strategy coach for the Italian Federation. He spends two weeks a year travelling all over Italy training the High Performance coaches on the new analytics in our sport.

Tour Coach / Year

USPTA logo

In 2015, Craig was awarded with the Tim Gullikson Touring Coach of the Year award by the USPTA. Craig first started coaching on the pro tour in 1995, and graciously accepted the award at the World Conference in New Orleans.

Tennis Channel

Tennis Channel serve strategy with Craig O'Shannessy

Craig’s expert strategy debuted on the Tennis Channel in 2015 in the USPTA Series, "OnCourt with USPTA." The first show focused on serve strategy, while the second highlight winning patterns of baseline play.


Tennis looks like a game of pinball, with the ball careening here, there, and everywhere. But it's not. It's actually the exact opposite. Tennis is a game of repeatable patterns in four specific areas - serving, returning, rallying and approaching. Study the patterns, learn the winning percentages, and make the game simple. That's what Brain Game Tennis stands for.

No more guessing. No more opinions. Just the facts please...

Watch Craig uncover his best tennis strategies at a speaking presentation
for Tennis Congress.

What Can Brain Game Tennis Strategies Do For You?

Whether you’re a player or coach, there’s never been a clear path to actually improving at tennis.

  • Should we practice more forehands, backhands, serves or returns?
  • How important is consistency for winning matches?
  • How much time should you spend working on technique over strategy?
  • Where should you serve in singles? What about doubles?

Historically in tennis, the answers to all these questions were based on theories NOT backed by data.

Now, we have millions of data points on thousands of matches per year. After analyzing this data, you’ll be surprised what you find.

For example, practicing extended rallies is mostly wasted time if you want to win more matches.

It’s time to completely change the way we play & coach tennis.

Craig O’Shannessy has finally taken all this data and created tactics & strategies for some of the top juniors & ATP pros in the world.

The results have been amazing!

Bran Game Tennis courses are the only tennis strategies out there that use data to back up the lessons. There are simply no other courses available to the public like this.

You’ll finally know exactly what to focus on to take your game to the next level. Whether you’re a singles or doubles player, a college tennis athlete or 4.0 league player, a coach for juniors or pros, these courses will transform the way you think, teach, and play tennis.

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Craig O'Shannessy has 30 years of coaching club tennis, running junior academies & working on the pro tour. His game-changing tennis strategies are now available to you. Learn his best strategies through these 9 courses that have helped 1000's of people become tennis players & coaches!

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