Girl’s 18’s

Attack early. Attack often.

The overall structure of the game is nicely developed.

There are way more similarities here to the college game than the previous years of junior tennis.

The old way of thinking about the women’s game is that it is dominated by backhands, and dominated by patient, long rallies. Ummm. No. Not today.

This data set from national level Girl’s 18’s tournaments clearly shows that points are generally shorter in nature. At the pro level, the ladies are playing 66% of their points in the 0-4 shot range. In Girl’s 18’s, that number is not that far away at 61%, and that is really encouraging to see. There are still a lot of things that could get better, such as serve technique and the willingness to finish points at the net, but overall, these numbers show a vey healthy level of our game.

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