Pre-Match 2 - Visualize

See it first. Make your mind a strong muscle.

Matches can be won and lost before a ball is even struck.

Here is a great quote from Andre Agassi's book, Open, which is such a great read.

"The afternoon shower is always longer - twenty-two minutes give or take - and it's not for waking up or getting clean. The afternoon shower is for encouraging myself, coaching myself."

"Tennis is a sport in which you talk to yourself. Tennis players talk to themselves - and answer."

"Of all the games that men and women play, tennis is the closest to solitary confinement, which inevitably leads to self-talk, and for me, the self-talk starts here in the afternoon shower. This is when I begin to say things to myself, crazy things, over and over, until I believe them."

"I've won 869 matches in my career, fifth on the all-time list, and many were won during the afternoon shower."

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