Webinar 26: ABCD Baseline Locations

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  • Hawk-Eye heat maps clearly show players spend the most time standing in the Ad court. By cutting the Deuce and Ad courts in half, you get to understand the baseline on a much clearer level. 
  • The four locations of A,B,C and D may as well be summer, autumn, winter and spring. They are like the four seasons, all being different and unique in their own way.
  • What happens in A is vastly different to what happens in B - even though they are right the to each other. The same dynamic applies to C and D in the Ad court.
  • You will learn where most winners are hit to and watch video of the highest percentage patterns of play to clearly understand how to best organize your baseline attacking game.
  • You will also learn about where errors flow from the most on the forehand and backhand sides.
  • Patterns of play. Watch video as players get to "climb the ladder" witht their baseline patterns, which means they increasingly get more control of the point as it develops. 
  • Once you learn the different behaviors of ABCD, you will make better decisions during the point in your matches.
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