Webinar 34 The 8 Serve Locations

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  • To best understand the relationship between the server and the returner, it is best to cut the service box up into four areas, not three.
  • With four locations in each service box, you get to examine body serves specific to the forehand and backhand return, which is especially important when analyzing 2nd serves. 
  • We examine 1st serves made, 1st and 2nd serve points won, return errors and aces to all eight locations. 
  • Is serving wide in the Deuce Court (Position 1) a strength of your game? Becuase it's an absolute strength of the best players in the world.
  • Which location will help you best hit more Serve +1 forehands?
  • VIDEO: Study Novak Djokovic's serve patterns from the 2023 season as well as from winning the 2018 US Open.
  • VIDEO: Expand your control over all eight serve locations with new drills.
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