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  • We find ourselves on defense quite often in a match. The ball is wide, low, or fast. It's coming with more spin than we like. It could also be deep or short. There are many situations in a match where we are uncomfortable, and the chance of making an error skyrockets. 
  • Dynamic defense is all about making the best decisions with tough balls.
  • Learn the decision-making process regarding the best time to defend cross court, down the line, lobbing, or even hitting a drop shot.
  • The word "dynamic" is characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. From a defensive standpoint, we get to "change" our defensive strategies, our "activity" is different based on the positioning of our opponent and progress is made from being on defensive to at least back to neutral. Quite often, a good defensive shot will actually have you on offense on the next shot.
  • VIDEO - watch the best players in the world defending correctly based on the ball they are given, their opponents plans, and their court position.
  • VIDEO - Analyze where the defending player is on the next shot, which is the true test to see if they defended correctly or not.
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