Webinar 33: First Strike Tennis

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  • What exactly is "first strike" tennis? Is it all about power and trying to hit a winner before your opponent does? Absolutely not. It's all about running high percentage patterns and moving the battle to the start of the point rather than the "extended" end.
  • First Strike tennis is ultimately about control. Not of a nine-shot rally, or a 15-shot rally, but short rallies, specifically in the 0-4 shot rally length. 
  • Learn the high percentage patterns of the best "first-strike" players in the world. Copy their footwork, court position, and intensity to be the first player to make the opponent uncomfortable. 
  • First Strike tennis is about hitting your spots, dominating court position, and rushing your opponent into an error before they get settled in the point.
  • Be "consistent" with your first two to three shots in the rally. You are not looking to grind. You are not looking to win the shot tolerance battle. You are looking to force errors and make your opponent as uncomfortable as possible as early as possible.
  • VIDEO - What are the best serve locations for First Strike tennis? Where should you return? How important is it to look for Serve +1 forehands and Return +1 forehands?
  • VIDEO - Learn how to "wear the pants" at the start of the point - whether serving or receiving. It's all about taking control as quickly as possible.
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