Key Points

Best Body Language After Your Worst Point

This could be one of the toughest things to do because you want typically will react negatively to playing so bad when in fact the opposite is what is required. Of all the strategic, mental and emotional things I teach to players this could be one of the hardest ti implement because of the instant knee-jerk reaction players have to playing a bad point. If you can conquer this mountain then you have achieved something that most players in this sport fail to grasp. Be positive in your darkest moments. 

 Show Strength

In a lot of ways your body language really has nothing to do with you. It is a “show” that you are putting on for your opponent to give them little or no hope of winning the match. It is your best way to show how strong you are. You may be feeling nervous and timid inside but you can look like a lion on the outside. Sometimes it’s a front – sometimes it’s the truth. Either way, you have got to put your best foot forward.

#1 in the world = 55% points won

So you want to be number one in the world? I have your magic number. It’s 55. If you slightly tip a 50-50 battle and now win just 5% more of the points you will indeed be number one in the world. That’s the reality of our sport – it’s all in the details and small margins. The difference between winning and losing, between wild success and failure, is a lot closer than you think.

Sign The Contract

Page 1 = you will be number one in the world.

Page 2 = you will only win 55% of all points for the entire year.

Page 3 = you will be okay losing 45% of all points you play for the entire year.

That’s a lot of losing! When you lose a point it’s best to think of it as just one of the 45% of points that you made a commitment to that you are okay with losing. It’s no big deal. It’s not something to freak out about. We have predetermined you will be okay with losing these points because the flip side is you win 55%.

Rafael Nadal’s Book – RAFA

Difference Between Good Players and Great Players

If you watch number 10 player in the world and number 500 in training you won’t necessarily be able to tell who is higher up the rankings. 
Without the pressure of competition, they’ll move and hit the ball much the same way.
But really knowing how to play is not only about striking the ball well, its about making the right choices.

Go Do This.

Lose a point and say to yourself “It’s okay. It’s one of the 45%.”

You are going to lose points. Think big picture instead of small catastrophe.

Do an experiment. No negative body language for an entire set. See how good that feels. 

Practice looking stronger between the points. Make people say wow, what an improvement!

Play a bad point and catch yourself. Instead of negativity, counter with a new positivity. 

Be very aware of your facial expressions. They show what you feel inside. Show more strength.